Photo: Mongabong/Youtube 

It’s not everyday that we can make an appointment at a hair salon to get ourselves perfectly coiffed before heading off to a party. After all, there’s the rush for time, and then there’s the restriction in budget.

But before you show up at a cocktail party in flat and limp locks, there are ways around a limited budget and for those who are time-strapped. We scour YouTube for the easiest to follow tutorials so you can replicate these looks for fabulous tresses in 15 minutes or under:


For Soft, Wavy Locks

Watch Hillary, the face behind @hyulari, transform her shoulder-length hair from flat to flowy using nothing but a flat-iron.

Averaging over over one million views per video, not only does she clearly demonstrate her technique, she also shares her favourite tools.


For Foolproof Updos and Half-Dos

In this video, local influencer, Yeoh Mongchin of @mongabong, goes through a step-by-step demo of not one or two, but five elegant styles.

Suitable for those with medium to long hair, the looks she shares are perfect for after-work drinks, attending weddings and even black-tie events.


For A Tousled Bob

Fancy the textured bob that’s a hit amongst Hollywood starlets? Do it yourself with Jen Im’s step-by-step video.

Best for those with chin-length hair, Jen not only demonstrates how she styles her hair, she also shares every product she uses along the way and why she loves them.


For Speedy Bun Hairstyles

Lazy to get out styling tools? Watch this to see how Winnie Paterson instantly transforms her look with these quick and easy looks.

Best for longer hairstyles, she shows three different variations on how to elevate your look in a flash by simply pulling your hair up in a fun and mixing things up.


For Short or Pixie Styles

Varying your look might seem challenging when you have a short pixie cut. But Justine Crawford shows just how much fun you can have switching things up with a short pixie.

Suitable even for those who are in the awkward growing-out phase of a pixie, these ideas will jazz up your look in a matter of minutes.