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The idea of a “bad hair day” suggests that certain things are simply out of our control—our sleeping posture, heat and humidity, existing hair damage and available preening time. But given the state of space-age technology today, all that has changed with the launch of Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer ($599).


Slash grooming time

Even if you have an enviable full-bodied mane, this dryer will help you score more shut-eye every morning. Thanks to a powerful digital motor and the brand’s proprietary Air Multiplier technology, air volume is amplified up to three times to give you a high-pressure, high velocity jet of air for fast drying.


Eliminate heat damage

Cool factor aside, the Supersonic has a hollow cylindrical dryer that eliminates the risk of hair being sucked into the filter and fried, especially when you’re working against time. This smart hairdryer also comes with an intelligent heat monitor that measures and regulates the temperature of the air 20 times per second to help prevent heat damage and protect the hair’s natural shine. 


Image: Dyson



Rock the latest styles

Think of it as investing in a live-in hairstylist. With four heat settings (28 deg C, 60 deg C, 80 deg C and 100 deg C), three airflow settings, a cold shot, and three different nozzles, this hairdryer is engineered for versatility. Whether you’re going for a natural finish, beach waves, a straight minimalist look, or glamorous evening updos, this hairdryer makes it easy to nail any look.


Style on-the-go

Small, lightweight and portable, this gorgeous tool is perfect for travel. It is also quieter than most models – after all, the last thing you’ll want is to make a racket and wake up your partner every time you dry your tresses.


Why we love it

Don’t just take it from us – Dyson Supersonic users (from celebs to the every woman) share what they like about it. 


Image: Dyson

“The airflow from the Dyson Supersonic is very strong, but it doesn’t damage the scalp and hair. It is also focused, so I can style my hair easily. After use, my hair looked shinier and felt smoother. Hair-drying will never be the same.” – Song Hye Kyo, South Korean actress and Dyson brand ambassador

“Compared to my prevoius hairdryers, the Dyson Supersonic is lightweight, which means my arms don’t get tired so easily.”
– Aries Ong, 31, senior manager 

“I like how it saves me precious time in the mornings when I’m getting my kids ready for school as it dries my hair quickly. And it doesn’t wake up my kids when I need to dry my hair at night.”
– Heng Win Dee, 37, sales developer and mother of two 


Image: David Gan


“I like that the Dyson Supersonic comes with many heat settings, which give more control for home users to blow-dry their hair quickly and efficiently without damaging it. Also, the motor is cleverly located in the handle, eliminating the problem of hair getting caught and trapped in the motor, like with traditional hairdryers. All in all, I like how it’s aesthetically pleasing and super functional.”
– David Gan, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Passion Hair Salon


This article was first published in the May 2017 issue of Her World Magazine. 
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