Photo: Davikah Hoorne/Instagram 

A bottle of dry shampoo is every girl’s secret weapon – whether you’ve had a day at the office and need a hint of scent for an important date, a midday touch up after a gym session or a volume boost after an expensive blowout. Ingredients like charcoal, clay and tapioca starch are some of the common oil-absorbing ingredients found in dry shampoos that work universally to refresh scalp by absorbing excess sebum and sweat that makes the scalp oily and weighs down hair.

Skin on the scalp behaves like the skin on our body, so you have to take note of the needs and concerns of your hair and scalp type. For those with oily scalp, look out for ingredients that also help normalise sebum and moisture levels. And if your scalp is prone to itching and redness, try a dry shampoo that contains soothing ingredients to help calm any irritation.

When using a dry shampoo (regardless of whether it comes in a spray or powder format), apply directly onto the scalp and rub it in gently to make sure the product soaks up excess sebum and sweat instead of just clinging onto your hair strands. These five grease-busting dry shampoos will extend the time between washes and have your hair looking as fresh as can be:


For Oily Scalp: Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo, $35

Free from gluten, silicones, sulfates and parabens, this charcoal-infused dry shampoo detoxifies, cleanses and balances the scalp for optimal scalp health. Binchotan charcoal draw impurities from the scalp, while witch hazel extract helps to normalise oil production to prevent an oily scalp. Not just a temporary fix, this product aims to solve the root of the problem, and also has biotin to nourish hair follicles to support growth of healthy hair.


For Normal Hair and Scalp: OUAI Dry Shampoo, from $16

Give your hair a quick boost with this dry shampoo that smells like a refreshing cocktail of Italian lemon, amber, and white musk. Blast roots with this spray and rub the product in with your fingers to let the volcanic minerals and translucent starch blend neutralise product buildup and absorb oil. You won’t have to worry about white or powdery cast on hair.For Fine Hair: Sachajuan Volume Powder, $38

For Fine Hair: Sachajuan Volume Powder, $38

Suitable for both long and short hair, the dry shampoo spray  gives a matte finish while creating volume and giving structure. The multi-award winning product uses Ocean Silk Technology – a combination of algae and other tailor made ingredients which has a healing effect on the hair, so hair is shiny (not oily) and more resilient.


For Dry Scalp: IGK Trust Issues Instant Scalp Rebalancing Treatment, $43

Using patented Hydrogel time release technology to keep your scalp and hair moisturised over time,  this non-greasy spray is rich in hyaluronic acid that aim to rebalance dry and irritated scalps. Natural astringents like apple cider vinegar work to clarify the scalp while antioxidant yuzu lemon extract is nourishes and keeps inflammation at bay. 


For Sensitive Scalp: Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo, $48

This 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan dry shampoo adds volume, cleans and styles hair while you’re on the go. Using  state of the art technology and traditional plant based and mineral ingredients like clay, tapioca starch and star anise, this natural formula works to absorb oil, sweat and dirt that accumulates throughout the day to refresh hair and leave it light and voluminous.