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Hair and scalp problems are actually more common than you think. From unhealthy diets to stressful lifestyles and even genetics, there are many reasons why we start losing hair. And while it is easy to head to the nearest store to pick up a bottle of anti-hair fall shampoo, how often does that really help? In fact, using wrong products may aggravate hair and scalp problems instead.

For example, if your hair loss is caused by clogged hair follicles and product build-up, a nourishing anti-breakage and anti-hair fall shampoo might make matters worse. In this case, you should be using a clarifying shampoo and scalp treatment to unclog the gunk that is obstructing hair growth.

Professional help makes a difference

Did you know that for many people, by the time they notice symptoms of hair loss, it’s already quite severe? That’s because early symptoms can be quite subtle: a hair parting that seems a wider than a few months ago, scalp and hair that gets oily by noon, dandruff that never seems to go away – the list goes on. What do you do in this situation?

Instead of trying to fix hair loss problems on your own, it’s better to take guesswork out of the equation. Seek expert advice and care to get to the root of the problem.

Protein, the key to all healthy hair

Many people are unaware of this, but protein actually forms up to 91 per cent of our hair’s structure and is responsible for keeping it healthy, shiny and strong. At Jonsson Protein, the experts have found that protein deficiency is precisely one of the main causes behind many hair loss problems.

To combat this, Jonsson Protein created the Vital Essential (VE) Protein Formula, a unique protein-packed treatment to help boost hair growth, repair and strength from the inside-out. They are the first and only hair care professionals in Singapore to use protein to tackle all sorts of hair and scalp problems.

Your hair, your customised treatment

Every treatment at Jonsson Protein is custom-tailored to address your scalp and hair needs. At Jonsson Protein, every treatment is custom-tailored to address your concerns.

The treatment starts with a one-on-one consultation to understand your hair and scalp issues. A computerised scalp scan done by a trained consultant magnifies your scalp by 200x to let you better understand your scalp problems and underlying issues.

Throughout the whole treatment process, the consultant will take before/after scans of your scalp to carefully monitor the progress and tackle any issues accordingly. Jonsson Protein treatment centres are also equipped with machines that help the VE Protein Formula penetrate the scalp more effectively, setting it apart from run-of-the-mill over-the-counter products that will just stay on the scalp.

This sets it apart from run-of-the-mill over-the-counter products that simply sit on the scalp without getting absorbed.

The mane ingredients

Developed by the brand’s team of hair specialists from the USA, their signature VE Protein treatment is formulated with three power proteins — Soy, Milk and Silk, to help you regain thick, lustrous and healthy tresses as it replenishes the natural protein within, minimising hair loss.

Derived from soybeans, the Soy power protein is rich in Glutamic Acid to promote hair growth while the Milk power protein focuses on repairing and nourishing the hair matrix to prevent hair woes like bald patches and even receding hair lines. The Silk power protein, extracted from silkworm cocoons, is enriched with Serine to balance scalp’s pH levels and maintain an optimal condition for healthy scalp and shiny hair.

Using a unique nanotechnology, the proteins are hydrolysed and broken down into smaller molecules so that they are able to penetrate easily into the hair shaft, get absorbed faster and produce effective results.

The 90-minute treatment is perfect for those with oily or itchy scalps, dandruff, premature greying of hair or any other hair loss woes.

And because no two hair loss problems are the same, every treatment is customised to your scalp and hair needs each time. The treatment starts with a one-on-one consultation to understand your needs, while a computerised scalp scan and analysis enables a better treatment customisation session. Together with state-of-the-art hair technology from America and soothing massage techniques, the VE Protein Formula is then delivered to where your hair needs it the most. And to finish, a final scalp analysis is done again to show the results of the treatment.

Scalp is healthy and hair is full, nourished and shiny in no time.

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