Good hair days

Photos in collage: Pexels, Instagram/ ponysmakeup

For those of us who spend some time on styling our locks, you know how hair has a part to play in adding a little oomph, boosting our confidence and adding a little flair.

So your usual routine is to wash, dry and style. But did you forget something? You might think not but… yes you did, and it could be costing you in the long run.  

Let’s dive right in:  Exposure to heat-styling – curlers, straighteners or hair dryers – depletes your hair’s natural oils, breaks down and destroys its vital proteins like keratin (what your hair is made up of). Daily usage means that hair is in need of extra care and that is when heat protectants come into the picture.

Photo: Pexels

Heat protectant products allow you to achieve picture-perfect hair without having to worry about split ends or breakage. Plus, what’s great about heat protectants is that they actually smooth out your hair texture, add shine and defrizz; all on top of keeping hair from getting fried by the heat. It’s crucial to follow the directions and amount of product to use as recommended on the packaging. Otherwise, you may not end up with the desired effect.

Read on for the best products to get your hands (or locks) on.