Aside from dance challenges and memes, we have to admit, TikTok has definitely taught us a lot of game-changing hacks. From doing a 5-minute makeup tutorial to quick hairstyles, there’s no doubt that the app has changed the way we see things in our everyday lives. But if there’s one TikTok trend that has been picking up pace recently, especially from the pandemic, it would have to be this trending hair hack. Enter robe curls.

According to research done by Vera Clinic, the robe curls videos have amassed a whopping 3 million views on TikTok, coming in sixth place in the list of top 10 TikTok hacks.

But what are robe curls you ask? Well, for the unacquainted, robe curls are achieved by using your dressing gown tie over the top of your head, wrapping your hair around and securing both ends before going to sleep. In the morning, you’ll wake up to salon-quality curls that are ready to impress!

And while it does sound bogus to be using a dressing gown tie over your head to curl your hair, the trick actually works on most hair types — giving you the best hair texture of your dreams.

What’s more, many have hopped onto the trend because of the heatless technique that causes less damage to your hair as compared to using hot styling tools. Plus, it’s also pretty affordable and easy to do on your own.

So how can you achieve the look? Well, all you need is a dressing gown tie (which is essentially a robe), hair clip, some hair oil, and a few scrunchies.

To start, add some hair oil to your dry tresses to tame and condition your hair, before separating your hair into two to four sections. For those with stubborn hair, you can use your hair clip to secure the robe at the crown of your hair before moving on to the next step.

Next, you’ll want to coil your hair around the robe backwards and let it hang like a long braid. Once you’re done with that, secure your braid with a scrunchie, before tying both ends up into a bun.

After leaving it on for the night, remove your braids gently and use a straightener to smooth out your fringe or any bumps at the top. And voila!

Of course, to make the curls last a little longer, we do recommend spraying on some hair spray so your hairstyle holds up throughout the day.

What’s more, you can also adjust the size of your curls with the type of robes that you use on your hair. For instance, if you’re looking to achieve large, wavy curls, you can try using a thicker robe, whereas, for tighter curls, you can use something that’s thinner to wrap around.

Overall, we love how simple it is to curl our hair with this hack, and more importantly, it doesn’t cause a lot of damage to our hair as well. Besides, it’s super wallet-friendly and you don’t have to splurge on perms even on an expensive curling iron.