If you’re constantly experiencing a breakout despite visits to the dermatologist and abiding by a proper skincare regime, look no further for the culprit – it could be your hair. We’re not talking about facial hair, but the mane on your head. Here are five ways it could cause nasty breakouts.

#1 You don’t wash your hair frequently
If you live in Singapore and don’t wash your hair daily, chances are that your hair (and scalp) will be oily. This oil will be transferred onto your pillowcase when you sleep, which will then be rubbed off on your skin and clog up your pores. So, if you see zits popping up after not washing your hair for a few days, you know where the problem lies.

#2 You use too much styling products
Styling products such as hair oils and pomades sometimes have pore-clogging properties (it is for your hair, not face, after all). Which is why it’s important to ensure that you wash it all off before you hit the sack. The products can be transferred from your hair and onto your skin when you’re asleep, giving rise to blemishes.

#3 Your hair is on your face – literally
If your hair is constantly plastered on your face for whatever reason, you need to get it out of your face, pronto. Tie your hair or pin it up so that it doesn’t clog up your pores. This is essential especially when you’re working out because hair + sweat = breeding ground for bacteria.


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#4 You have bangs
If you notice a breakout on your forehead, the culprit could be your bangs. Known as hairline acne or pomade acne, it happens when your fringe is in constant contact with your skin, leading to irritation and impeding its ability to “breathe”. You might also notice a more severe form of breakout if you apply styling products like hairspray onto your bangs to keep it in place.

#5 You just did a chemical treatment
If you recently underwent a chemical treatment, such as rebonding, curling or colouring, you might experience a breakout if your skin is sensitive to any of the ingredients present in the chemicals. Spot a pimple popping up a day or two after the treatment? The reason could be as simple as you having second-day or third-day hair since you can’t wash your hair for at least 24 hours after any hair treatments (refer to Point 1).

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