Emerson plaits
For those mornings you can’t bear to pick up a straightener, try one of these simple plaits we spotted on the Spring runways. Even if you’re not a braid ninja, you’ll be able to construct these looks in five minutes flat with these step-by-step braid guides from Anna Bloomer, Senior Stylist at Errol Douglas Hair & Beauty.

The ponytail braid
“This style is ultimate effortless chic, is really suitable for long hair or extensions, even shorter hair can plait a ponytail extension piece and clip in to give a different look,” explains Anna.

Pull hair back into a crown height ponytail and secure with a bungee cord for extra strength. To prevent the nape of the hair sagging below your ponytail, tilt your head back whilst you secure the ponytail in with a band. The nape will pull up tight to your head and makes this shape look more polished. Split the pony into three and plait gently until you reach the tips and finally secure with a clear elastic.

The headband braid
“This plait is perfect for ‘dirty’ hair,” says Anna, “As it’s the right texture.”

Add some dry shampoo before styling to give your hair a semi-matte finish. Section you hair into two sides and begin a traditional French plait at the hairline, working around to behind the ear. Repeat this on the opposite side and then overlap and tuck the ends of the plait at the nape and pin into place to secure. For loosening out fine strands to give a dishevelled finish use a big blusher brush (minus the blush of course!) and flick the brush over the surface of the style to work out soft hairs easily, without compromising the shape.

Boho braid (one plait in hair)
“If you love wearing your hair loose but want to add a little touch of the plait trend in then this look as totally within your comfort zone”, says Anna.

Start by sectioning out a long piece of hair from behind the ear to the temple. Plait this all the way through and secure with a clear elastic so it won’t show when you pin this into place. Pull the plait over the top of the head and grip securely behind your other ear, working visually in a mirror to give balance.

Plait pulled into a bun
“This runway look is clean and simple and beautiful if you favour fresh, fast looks worn off your face,” suggest Anna.

Pull your hair back into a low tight ponytail and plait the ponytail fairly tight to give a sharp definition to the lines of the plait. Secure with a band then roll the plait around the base of the ponytail to create a small neat bun. Holding the bun shape in one hand, push hair grips into the outer edges of the bun shape in towards the centre, this ensures the plait stays in place and the grips are tucked out of sight.

Fishtail braid
Unlike a three-strand plait, a fishtail braid is created with two stands of hair. “The intricacy of this type of plait is stunning when worn tight and clean or soft and undone,” says Anna.

Pull hair back as if you are fixing it into a ponytail and split the hair into two long sections. Hold each section into the palms of your hands then using your opposite fingers, take a small strand from the out edge of the left section and fold it over into the right section. Then take a small strand out from the right section and fold it over to the left side. Repeat this all the way down, it’s the same motion as doing a three strand plait but you are only folding over two strands as you go. You’ll start to create a much wider plait than the traditional three strands as you work down the hair, but this is great for giving a more dramatic style and you can easy tease out strands to broaden the shape more once you’ve secured the ends with an elastic. © Cover Me