pink tresses
Pondering whether to go bold with your hair colour? Well, why not think pink.

With sales of pink hair dye surging 243 per cent in the past month, it’s this season’s hottest hair hue.

From fuchsia and cerise to magenta and mauve, there are plenty of options if you’re brave enough to add a shock of colour.

But how does one go about creating super-bright locks?

“If it’s a pink locks you want, make sure you have a good clean blonde base to get a true colour and start with a little colour then build up,” says award-winning hairdresser Karine Jackson.

“Semi-permanent colour is great for playing with this sort of effect as it washes out relatively quickly,” she adds.

Here are some tips on embracing what’s shaping up to be this season’s hottest hair colour.

Trial the trend
If you’re keen to embrace the look but feel a bit nervous about changing your hair colour permanently, try Fudge Paintbox Creative Conditioning Colour in Pretty Flamingo. It takes about 20 minutes to work and lasts from three to 30 washes. Another one to try is La Riche Directions Colour in Flamingo Pink.

Fake it
With so many brilliant clip-in extensions on the market, you could opt for bold pink streaks rather than an all-over colour. Love Hair and Head Kandy have lots of different hues to choose between.

Go bold
For a total colour transformation, visit your hairdresser to organise a strand test. Often colourists will need to bleach hair first to create a light and porous enough base for the dye to take effect. It’s definitely worth asking for professional advice, even if you want to dye your hair at home. © Cover Media