Hair tips: How to achieve a no-fuss blow dry

Ever wondered how Victoria Beckham manages to keep her hair so effortlessly groomed? The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer never looks less than sensational, but if you assumed her lovely locks come courtesy of a live-in hairdresser, you can think again.

Celebrity hairdresser – and Mrs Beckham’s stylist of choice – Ken Paves says he has actually taught his client a nifty finger-drying technique so she can maintain her groomed chic, even when he’s not around to blow dry her locks to oblivion.

“Victoria is great at doing her own hair,” Ken told Grazia magazine. “She can do a wicked ponytail and great waves by tonging it. And I have taught every of my clients how to air-dry their hair so there’s no need to blow dry.”

Fancy taking a leaf out of style-savvy Victoria’s book? Here are some top tips for effortless styling without a hairdryer:

Braid and go: If you wash your hair before bed, sleep with it in a loose, low braid that starts at the nape of your neck. Next, pull the braid apart with your fingers to make it wider and mess it up. After you take it out in the morning, shake your hair out with your fingers. You’ll get a really pretty and loose, natural wave.

Kinky tresses: Apply some texture spray to damp hair before braiding one-inch sections, from ear level down. Then air-dry, release, and shake out for some seriously kinky locks.

Beachy waves: For an easy breezy summer style, spritz salt spray on towel-dried hair, roll two-inch sections into curls, and pin to head. Repeat all over. Remove pins in the morning and shake out.