Hair makeup’ The new thing L’Oréal Professional debuts Hairchalk b.png

Will “hair makeup” be the next big thing for 2014? L’Oreal Professionnel isn’t the first to debut this novel form of temporary dye on the market – The Body Shop beat them at that game – but both brands are most certainly banking on this new trend.

If all goes well, the global hair giant in question is set to “chalk” up a success with Hairchalk, a line of hair dyes for both salon and at-home application.

Here’s how it works. Hairchalk starts off “wet” on your hair but dries to a “powdery” finish – hence its quirky moniker.

Offered in six hair-raising shades from a deep cobalt blue to blazing bronze, the dye is clearly targeted at the hipper hair crowd.

Good for about 10 applications for mid-length locks, the product starts to fade after just two washes – perfect for non-committal experimentation.

Better yet, be your own custom colourist and blend different hues together to create bespoke shades – and if your mane project goes awry, simply shower away. Have fun experimenting!

L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Chalk, offered in six shades at $25 each, is available from April 2014 at selected L’Oreal Professionnel partner salons. For more information, visit and follow L’Oreal Professionnel Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.