Fast track solutions to all your hair woes from hair loss to hair removal

If you have been religiously piling on the hair serums, tonics and supplements every day to no avail, and if unwanted body hair necessitates daily shaving, it’s time for a faster, fuss-free fix. In our day and age, patience and waiting a long time for results no longer have places in our beauty mantra.

Combining the latest medical breakthroughs within a one-stop destination, SW1 Hair Clinic at Paragon and OUE will fast track all your hair needs. Reverse hair loss, revitalise your scalp for a fuller mane and tame unwanted fluff with these four 30- to 40-minute hair hacks.

1. Fast-paced city life

#1 Fast-paced city life

Stress takes a toll on your mane. It increases the male hormone androgen, which in turn contributes to hair fall. Another side effect: when you’re juggling back-to-back meetings, multiple deadlines and a busy social life, it can be hard to sit down for well-balanced meals. Nutritional deficiencies exacerbate hair loss. Vitamin B12 deficiency affects red blood cells that carry oxygen to your scalp tissue, and iron deficiency reduces the production of hair cell proteins.

HAIR HACK: Blast your scalp with a cocktail of vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and minoxidil to inhibit the production of DHT, a type of androgen. Revitascalp is an indulging ‘hair-cial’ that revives your crowning glory in 6 to 12 weeks!

2. Natural ageing

#2 Natural ageing

As you age, your thick voluminous mane may gradually thin out. Hair strands become finer and lose their glossy black pigment, and some hair follicles may stop producing new strands altogether.

HAIR HACK: Turn back the clock with light therapy. Revage 670 Laser stimulates blood flow to hair follicles to resuscitate dormant hair follicles. By enhancing cellular and tissue regeneration, this pain-free laser restores thickness and resilience to fine and weakened hair. Expect to see up to 40 per cent increase in density after a session.

3. Genetic hair loss

#3 Genetic hair loss

Some of us are simply genetically more prone to thinning hair than others. In fact, this is the most common cause of hair loss.

HAIR HACK: Think of Kera-Clone as your next generation hair transplant without the need to graft your scalp. This 30-minute medical procedure introduces your own cells into balding areas to stimulate the production of new hair follicles and thicken hair shafts. After one session, 80 per cent of patients noticed a reduction in hair loss and 40 per cent noticed an increase in hair density and thickness. This advance treatment causes very minimal or no scarring and even works for alopecia patients.

4. Unruly fluff

#4 Unruly fluff

On the other end of the spectrum, unwanted hair on your underarms, bikini area and legs may undermine your confidence and limit your wardrobe choices. And let’s face it: who has time to shave and wax every day?

HAIR HACK: Accelerate your daily routine Candela’s G-Max Laser Hair Removal. This is one of the fastest, most powerful, most effective and safest treatments available today. Unlike IPL and some lasers, there is no risk of pain, redness, crusting, burns and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, even for darker skin tones. It’s your fast-ticket to smoother, fluff-free skin.

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