Photo: Gucci Makeup

The way Alessandro Michele has rewritten the rules of luxury is undeniable. An advocate of self-expression, the Gucci creative director has done so with the belief that every individual has the right to put their personality on display with full freedom, fearlessly leading a change—and charge—of decadence and eclecticism that has transformed the worlds of fashion, jewellery and beyond. After a three year hiatus, we welcome the revival of Gucci Makeup.

He says: “Makeup is something poetic and fleeting that you can add to your face, changing or highlighting something about yourself. I find it an almost magical language, strongly linked to the other details I use for the expression of the self, such as jewellery and a hairstyle. Of all these aspects needed to emphasise or underline an aspect of ourselves, makeup is the most immediate and the oldest way, making it the most fascinating”.

Here are the reasons why we can’t get enough of this lipstick collection:

The Michele Touch

Built on the belief that makeup should be used to enhance features and exalt flaws rather than conceal, Michele’s new beauty story begins at the lips—for the unparalleled power of lipstick lies in its ability to instantly transform a look more than any other product. And as seen in the campaign, these lipsticks shouldn’t be applied perfectly as the beauty world has historically informed but instead smudged, stained and layered as you wish.

Photo: Gucci Makeup

58 shades in 3 finishes 

To meet the diverse needs of beauty aficionados, he created three different formulations: Rouge à Lèvres Satin, Rouge à Lèvres Voile and Baume à Lèvres.

With a creamy texture that promises saturated pigments, Rouge à Lèvres Satin leaves lips soft and smooth for hours on end. Best part? There are 36 shades from bare nudes, racy reds to bold brights. For a sheer effect, opt for Rouge à Lèvres Voile.

With an intensely hydrating formula, all 18 shades cocoon lips in comfort while imparting a luminous wash of colour. And for those seeking a my-lips-but-better look, the Baume à Lèvres boasts three tinted shades and a transparent option, each one enhances your lips’ natural look. Moreover, lipsticks have been scented delicately for decades so it’s only natural that each Gucci Makeup lipstick is exquisitely perfumed with violet to make the ritual of applying one even more pleasurable.

Baume in 2 No More Orchids; Satin in 25 Goldie Red; Sheer in 302 Agatha Orange, Gucci Makeup

Star Power

He also took inspiration from the statement-making pouts of old Hollywood stars that accentuated their character and allure. This led to shades named after starlets of the Golden Age, from Bette Davis and Greta Garbo to Maureen O’Hara, with the collection’s colour star being 25 Goldie Red, combining the legendary film character and Michele’s lucky number. “I thought back to the lipsticks I saw in my life, when I was little, my mum’s lipstick, who was always inspired by the 50s, and I wanted to give it the most powerful meaning, that of the Hollywood divas and the mythology of cinema, which first put the lips in the spotlight,” he adds.

Gucci Makeup Lipsticks are $53 each, available at Takashimaya. To find your perfect shade, enjoy a complimentary lip make-over service at the Gucci Makeup counter at Takashimaya from 12-30 September when you register here.