These Guardian x Ang Ku Kueh Girl stickers are what you'll be using on WhatsApp this weekend

One of every avid texter’s favourite things to do: saving adorable “sticker packs” on WhatsApp. Because nothing beats the virtual satisfaction of that one sticker that perfectly encompasses common everyday emotions. And if you haven’t found your go-to “sticker pack” yet, we have a contender for your consideration. 



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Meet the Guardian x Ang Ku Kueh Girl collaboration, a squeal-worthy series that celebrates Guardian’s inaugural Healthy Beauty branding. Healthy Beauty, as the local beauty retail chain wants consumers to know, is a state of mind. After all, health is the root of true beauty – and being healthy means you’ll look great, inside out. Being the go-to hub for all things health and beauty for the past 47 years, Guardian wants to kickstart their new brand direction in a light-hearted, local flavour – which explains the partnership with homegrown character Ang Ku Kueh Girl (henceforth known as AKK Girl). And just in time for National Day, too.

These Guardian x Ang Ku Kueh Girl stickers are what you'll be using on WhatsApp this weekend

The pack of 10 stickers includes AKK Girl going through everyday activities with accompanying colloquial phrases to match. We mean, no one gets through texting without busting out the Singaporean-speak, hor? Express candid emotions through AKK Girl – eg, getting a pimple (“Jialat!”), going shopping (“Let’s Jalan Jalan”), and putting on makeup (“Stay Chio Inside Out). We’ll leave you to indulge in all of them, and when you’re done – download the stickers here

That’s not all there is to the collab. Should you (already) be charmed by the adorable character, customers will get a limited edition AKK Girl tote bag with every $54 spent at Guardian stores.



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