ASTALIFT White - Group image B.pngWith Astalift, the old adage “growing old gracefully” may just become a reality. The Japanese skincare brand founded by film giants Fujifilm, revamped its whitening range for mature skin. Tapping on Fujifilm’s expertise in film nanotechnology, Astalift developed nano-sized particles of its key ingredients so that they sink into the skin.

What’s the big deal? The new range transforms its key ingredient, AMA (more on that later) to 20 nanometers in size. Which makes it a whole lot smaller than the full-stop at the end of this sentence. The company claims that nanosize particles reach the inner layers of the skin more effectively, allowing for it to tackle pigmentation at its creation. AMA is Astalift’s star ingredient. It is an extract of the herb Centella Asiatica, which contains the brightening ingredients, Asiatic Acid, Madecassic Acid and Asiaticoside.

Astalift’s whitening range consists of three products — Lotion, Essence Infilt, and Cream. Like most Japanese cosmetics, the lotion is essentially the “toner” in your skincare regime. At a glance, all three products are infused with similar ingredients, AMA, Arbutin, and three types of collagen. However, the each product bears unique ingredients that help tackle the different aspects of whitening. Astalift’s lotion is infused with seaweed extract to retain moisture.

The Essence Infilt on the other hand, contains the highest concentration of Nano AMA and vitamin C. Astalift’s cream is made with apricot extract to help seal in the ingredients. The brand promises that this moisturiser will increase your skin cell reproduction, and boost your skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. The use of different whitening ingredients make the products best suited to be used together, according to the brand.

What we really love is the environmentally friendly design, and the fact that the bottles are UV protected — perfect for our tropics! Now that we can protect our facial products from harmful UV rays and conserve the earth at the same time, ageing gracefully sure looks and feels very good.

Astalift White Skincare series is available from April at Astalift boutiques in Ion Orchard and JEM. For more information, visit and follw the brand on Facebook.