Dior Prestige Satin Revitalising Crème
It’s a well-known fact that luxury goods sell well, even in a tough economic climate.

So given the recession, it’s no surprise beauty companies have released some super-luxe products.

First up was Dior, which last year launched the Prestige Satin Revitalising Crème.

With extract of Rose Satine, an active ingredient that nourishes skin, this sensuous anti-ageing cream is very pleasant to use because of its feminine fragrance and the luscious texture.

Then came Helena Rubinstein, launching Prodigy, a cream with natural plant cells that rebuilds the skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines while adding moisture.

Through a time-release system the moisturising agents are released throughout the day, keeping skin supple around the clock. It is super creamy and pleasant to use.

And this Spring, Lancôme launches the Absolue L’Extrait, which sees two million rose stem cells squeezed into a jar of wonderfully fragrant cream.

Absolue L’Extrait also contains Proxylane, a well-known molecule that helps epidermal regeneration and is suitable for any skin type, including sensitive.

Prices are said to be high because of these rare, unique and active ingredients, so if you feel the urge to splurge head to the beauty counter today. © Cover Media