We need a little extra help with degreasing during the upcoming festive season – intensely pigmented glittery eyeshadow is such a pain to remove. For that we suggest trying micellar water on for size.

First, a little explanation. Micellar water gets its exotic name from the science behind the product: The main component of most formulations are microscopic “micelles”, or oil molecules suspended in a “shell” of water. Unlike your regular oil-based cleanser, this next-gen, non-foaming solution glides on like a water-based product, releasing the micelles upon impact to sop up impurities clinging on to your skin.

Givenchy B.png

Now that you’ve got a working definition of micellar water, here’s what Givenchy’s version does. Going one step further, the Skin Drink Cleansing & Hydrating Micellar Water throws in soothing white tea leaf extract and moisture-binding hyaluronic acid for good measure, so that your skin is left supple and comfortably cleansed according to the brand.

Givenchy Skin Drink Cleansing & Hydrating Micellar Water, $57 for 100ml, is available at Givenchy stores and counters. For more information, visit www.givenchybeauty.com. You can follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter.