How’s this for a Saturday evening: Hunkering down into comfy oversized cushions with your besties, Spotify playlist on repeat for white noise and your imaginary BF Park Bo-gum winking at you from your tellie? May we present a leisurely itinerary for downtime with your squad – no boys allowed:

Make a ‘pour’ decision by clinking a glass (or three) of your finest red with your pals – besides being way classier than say, guzzling cheap beer from a can, wine wins by a mile on account of all its restorative resveratrol, which may be healthy for your heart when imbibed in moderation. Amping up the antioxidants and atmosphere at the same time – sounds like a plan to us. Cheers!

Now, speaking of antioxidants, try pairing your Cabernet Sauvignon with a heaping helping of Bubur Pulut Hitam (that’s sticky black rice pudding for the uninitiated.) Over and above being absolutely delish, black rice packs a potent punch with free radical fighters the likes of anthocyanin and vitamin E. And yes, the black rice calls to mind Pitera, the near-mythical yeast ferment that’s a key constituent of the potent potion that is your trusty SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Talk about feel-good food, eh.

Best thing about staying in with your girlfriends: You get to be as girly as you like. Try YouTubing nail art tutorials, lay out all the polish bottles you have on hand, then get to work at recreating the trend du jour that strikes your fancy. And hey, feel free to document your magnificent manicures at the end of the night on your social media platforms – #NailArt posts are perfect for garnering lots of ‘likes’ and followers. Here’s to being the next big beauty influencer!

You know what would make the night in even more beautiful? Sharing skincare with your squadmates. If it’s a pyjama party you’re after, try masking in bed by soaking cotton pads with a generous dose of essence straight from the bottle. Slap the saturated sheets onto freshly cleansed skin – this would also make for an awesome wefie moment – lie back and discuss boys and beauty for a couple of minutes, then whip off the DIY masks to reveal a crystal clear complexion. Follow up with your regular night regime and you’re good to go. Easy!

Wine cork candles, anyone? Pinterest boards are perfect for sussing out all sorts of upcycling hacks – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ridiculously brilliant stuff you can spin out of the wine corks you have lying about after your um, wine appreciation session. (Hey, no judging.)

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