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Glossy, luscious tresses might be your hair goal, but the key to achieving your dream hair starts from a healthy scalp. Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp can trap bacteria, and has follicles that can get congested. If hair follicles are blocked by excess sebum or dead skin, flaking and irritation might occur. If left untreated, poor scalp health can also result in hair breakage, hair fall, and slow hair growth.

In addition to adopting a considerate haircare routine (thorough cleansing, rebalancing and hydrating), a visit to a salon for a deep cleansing and nourishing scalp treatment is also helpful, especially if you’re dealing with specific concerns like dandruff and a greasy scalp.

Whether you’re dealing with an itchy or peeling scalp, the experts at HG Hair Solutions can customise the precise treatment for you. HG Hair Solutions harnesses the soothing and healing properties of premium botanicals to treat all your scalp and hair concerns in an effective, yet gentle and noninvasive manner.

Each appointment at HG Hair Solutions begins with a complimentary consultation, where the therapist assesses your scalp and hair condition, and discusses possible style options you desire.

Breathe life into your scalp

Strategically located in malls near MRT stations (Clementi Mall and Ang Mo Kio Hub), HG Hair Solutions offers five scalp treatments (Detox, Clear & Itch Relief for dandruff, Clean & Balance for oily scalp, Soothe & Relive for sensitive scalp, and Restore & Nourish for ageing scalp), each designed to help regenerate and restore the hair and scalp to their optimal natural state.

While scalp treatments would differ for individuals, they generally follow the same four steps. First, gunk, dirt, excess oil and other impurities are removed from the scalp through thorough cleansing and exfoliation. The roots and scalp are then nourished and strengthened with skin-loving botanical extracts, after which a halo of oxygen is incorporated to help with absorption. Finally, a pampering scalp massage finishes the treatment and boosts circulation, bringing oxygen to the scalp.

And thanks to the private nooks carved out within the salon, you’ll also get some privacy during your treatment.

Get closer to your hair goals

On top of scalp treatments, HG Hair Solutions also provides hair treatments to leave your strands feeling healthy and smooth.

Of course, a healthier scalp and hair aren’t the only things you’d want to leave the salon with – it also offers organic hair colouring (from $201.16), haircuts (from $38), rebonding (from $280) and keratin treatments (from $88).

Simply request for a scalp and hair consultation, and the team of attentive and skilled therapists would be more than happy to advise what works best for you.