Get your gloss on for fuller lipsGet your gloss on this summer with a super high-shine pout.

From shimmering balms to shiny glosses, there are so many gorgeous products on the market.

“I love everything shiny for summer,” says professional make-up artist Krystal Dawn.

“Glossy lips, glossy skin, glossy mane, glossy body!

“Shine is perfect for this season because summer beauty is really about enhancing and not covering.

“A touch of make-up and gloss goes a long way,” adds Krystal, who has a whole raft of celebrity clients on speed dial.

So, which lip glosses take pride of place in Krystal’s make-up kit?

“My all-time favourite glosses are from Bobbi Brown. I literally love all the colours but if I had to pick it would be Rose Gold or Beige.

“A great high street lip gloss is Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer – it’s a liquid lipstick so it has the shine but has all the colour too.”

And if your lips could do with a little TLC, balms are also a brilliant way to protect your lips while adding a pretty sheen at the same time.

“The lip balm I use is by Creme De La Mer so it’s a bit pricey but MAC do great coloured lip conditioners with SPF 15 in them,” recommends Krystal.

If you’re looking to enhance your pout, gloss is ideal for making lips appear fuller.

But make sure your mouth is perfectly prepped. Read on for top tips on creating a high-shine effect.

1. To get your lips super soft, gently exfoliate them with a wet toothbrush to remove any dry, flaky skin. Then apply a layer of lip balm to your lips to moisturise and condition them.

2. Next, use lipstick or stain as a base for the gloss. That way, as the lip gloss wears off, you still have colour showing through.

3. When you’re buying gloss, make sure to try it out. Heavier textures tend to stay on longer, while thinner glosses can be easily removed just by eating or blotting.

4. Keep in mind that the most flattering lip shades are the ones that look like the colour of your lips or are one to two shades brighter or darker than your natural lip tone. You’ll never go wrong if you use the natural colour of your lips as a guide.

5. If your lips are on the thin side, an easy trick to make them appear plumper is to apply the gloss over the middle of your mouth. This nifty technique gives the optical illusion of juicier lips.