It seems like everyone’s hankering after the slim-jawed V-shaped face that’s all the rage these days, but did you know that the “new” Y-shaped face may be a key indicator of youth?

According to Eucerin experts, a Y-Shaped face – think sharper jawline and tighter neckline – is actually the key to a youthful appearance. This aesthetically pleasing inverted “triangle” transforms with age, contributing to sunken cheeks, saggy jowls and an overall droopier appearance. In fact, a study conducted by British shopping channel QVC on 2,000 men and women suggests that your skin loses up to one percent of collagen every year.

Enter Eucerin’s exciting new Volume-Filler range, an at-home alternative that’s purse-friendly, pain-free and completely non-invasive.
One major factor contributing to an aged appearance is the decrease in the number and size of adipocytes, or fat cells, which Eucerin says are responsible for giving your face volume.
To stave off signs of aging, products in the Eucerin Volume-Filler range makes use of a trio of potent agents that work in tandem to combat skin sagginess and restore lost volume in just four weeks.

One of the superhero ingredients is magnolol, an exotic extract from the bark of the magnolia tree that’s said to stimulate collagen and adipocyte cell production. In fact, Eucerin claims that in-vitro scientific studies show that magnolol boosts the number of adipocytes, or volume-giving cells, by up to three times, a process which results in the rejuvenation of lost volume in the skin.

Another of the key ingredients used in the formulation of the Volume-Filler range are oligo peptides, which are derived from the anise plant. In-vitro tests conducted by Eucerin show that these peptides can strengthen the connective network of collagen under the skin for an added boost in youthful volume.

Finally, the range also includes hyaluronic acid, a potent hydrating agent that functions like a moisture magnet, binding to water within the skin to plump up fine lines and wrinkles.


This lightweight day cream not only contains the three key volume-boosting ingredients, it is further enhanced with SPF15 and UVA protection to guard against UV-induced skin ageing.

Tip: Wait five to 10 minutes for the cream to absorb before applying makeup


Suitable for all skin types, this gentle eye cream firms up the delicate skin around the orbital area, and irons out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fortified with SPF15 and UVA protection, use this with Eucerin Volume-Filler Day Cream for best results.


This night cream’s efficacy is reinforced with an additional ingredient, vitamin B5 derivative dexpanthenol, which encourages overnight skin regeneration. Dexpanthenol is said to reduce water loss from the skin’s surface, and also helps maintain skin elasticity.