Get runway hair with this easy up-doIsn’t it brilliant when a super-easy hairstyle sashays its way back into style?

Step forward the runway bun.

Higher and more disheveled than a ballerina bun yet more chic than a classic ponytail, the look dazzled on the Valentino Spring/Summer 13 runway.

And if you fancy recreating the style then you’re in luck. We caught up with celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford to discover his tips for creating a supermodel-savvy up-do.

“I’m a huge fan of this look,” says Lee, who has worked with countless celebrities. “And best of all it’s simple to create.”

Here are Lee’s tips:

1. To achieve this look, firstly pull your hair back into a very tight ponytail at the crown of your head and secure with a snag free hair band. A great tip to get a flyaway free pony is to spray your hair brush with a spritz of my Lee Stafford Dehumidifier and then using the brush ensure that no hairs escape from the band.

2. Next, rough up your ponytail with a bit of back-brushing to get some added volume – this is especially important if you have naturally fine hair. If your hair refuses to beef itself up then try using a doughnut bun ring, which is an easy way to cheat a big fat knot!

3. Twist the pony in one direction until hair winds round on itself and then, tucking the end of the pony under the main body of the bun, pin down securely with hair pins.

4. For a more relaxed look leave some sections loose within the bun so they give a tendril effect.

5. Remember to use pins that match the colour of your hair so that they are well camouflaged. To add detail simply wrap the top knot with a length of thin leather or strip ribbon.

6. Finish off the look with a generous mist of Argan Oil Shine Spray for that ultimate glass-like glisten and shine.