Lindsay Lohan
Blondes might have more fun, but if you’re Lindsay Lohan, redheads get more acting roles.

The star unveiled her latest image change last week with a return to her natural colour.

Having rocked peroxide blonde locks throughout a troubled 12 months, the actress’ bold transformation has had beauty blogs buzzing, with the general consensus being that she makes a ravishing redhead.

Inspired by Lindsay’s fiery red makeover? We caught up with celebrity hair colourist extraordinaire Karine Jackson to find out whether red hair is for everyone.

“Anyone can colour their hair red but it will look most vivid on blondes,” advises Karine, former British Hairdresser Of The Year.

“Brunettes, or those with darker locks, might need to pre-lighten their hair to get the result they want, otherwise they could end up with more of a hue than a true red.”

But what’s the right red for you? From strawberry blonde to auburn and from crimson to copper, there are so many scorching hot shades to choose from.

Karine advises: “Make sure the colour you choose suits your skin tone.

“It’s important to consider whether you’re a warm or cool tone, as this will dictate the best shade. The wrong colour can make you look washed out or too brassy.”

And when it comes to upkeep, Karine warns that red hair is one of the most difficult shades to maintain.

“To preserve your red, use the recommended shampoo and conditioner, otherwise you will significantly shorten the life of your colour.

“Our secret weapon in the salon is OCS Revamp treatment, which is applied before colouring.

“It penetrates the hair, forming a base so the colour sits on top and lasts for much longer,” Karine advises. © Cover Media