Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj’s signature style is perfect for a “bold and daring” look, says celebrity makeup artist Holly Silius.

Nicki is famed for her statement coloured locks, creative use of cosmetics and head-turning outfits. Makeup pro Holly – who has styled the likes of Florence Welch and Kreayshawn – says Nicki’s look is easy to re-create with a dose of inspiration from the stunning star herself.

The beauty expert says creating an even base is crucial to nailing Nicki’s show-stopping aesthetic.

“This look is for anyone who likes to be bold, creative and a little daring for a day or night look,” she explained to Cover Media. “Always start with a great base - an even skin tone is essential to building your look. Use a good primer like Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch – it gives a totally flawless effect.”

Holly says Nicki’s fabulously fun eye makeup is important when replicating her outlandish look. The makeup pro has revealed how to re-create it at home.

“Be striking and confident with your eyes, but the key is to use less product and blend. Use one colour all over the lid of the eye, so go for an amazing purple, aqua, turquoise or an egg shell blue - something vibrant and with depth. Don’t go trashy with the tone. Add a lighter shade in the corner of the eyes and a darker towards the outer edge and crease of the eyes. Do an all over block colour and then blend out so it gives a smoky look,” she advised.

“Then add a thin black line with Bobbi Brown black gel eyeliner above the lid to give a great base for lashes so you don’t see a join. Always curl your lashes and add lashings of YSL mascara. Then for an added delight of sparkle, use the Shimmer Twins - Treasure lashes for an instant POW!”

Holly says lips should be kept natural to avoid detracting from the statement eye makeup. Highlighter then completes the look perfectly.

“Keep the lips neutral with a nude or soft matt lipstick,” she said. “Then add a little contour to the face with a highlighter on the cheekbone and brow bone. You can also add a little to the bow of the lip.”

Shimmer Twins – Treasure Lashes are available on and from Urban Outfitters.

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