A common hair concern resulting from our humid climate is undesirable frizz and unmanageable flyaways. While some ladies opt to tackle that problem with styling products and aids, not all of us have that luxury of time; especially when every extra minute of sleep is precious in the mornings.

Get long-lasting silky hair with Asience Leave-On Hair Treatments
(L-R): Asience Leave-On Treatment Water, Milk, and Oil

So the new range of Asience Leave-On Hair Treatments should be a welcome option for ladies who desire smooth, manageable hair on the go. Unlike the usual leave-on treatments that are available in cream form, this range offers Oil, Milk and Water textures to cater to different hair types.

The treatments contain the brand’s exclusive beauty essences of lotus flower, camellia oil, pearl and shell ginger leaf; which provide intensive repair and moisturising properties from within. Asience Leave-On Hair Treatments also come with a Moisture-Lock Complex to seal in moisture for long-lasting silky tresses.

So which product is best for your hair type? Allow us to help you make your decision easier:

Those with very dry and damaged hair should opt for the Oil version for an intensive repair treatment. Concentrated but not greasy, the Asience Leave-On Treatment Oil offers a protective veil of moisture for healthy-looking, glossy locks.

The Asience Leave-On Treatment Milk is as nourishing to your tresses as the dairy beverage is for your body. Slightly lighter than the usual cream texture, the Milk is best used on dry and frizzy hair to tame annoying flyaways and leave your mane feeling soft and silky.

Last but not least, the Asience Leave-On Treatment Water is recommended for detangling unruly hair. Light as it’s name suggests, the Water lends hydration without weighing your hair down.

The best part about the Asience Leave-On Treatment range is that application for all three products is absolutely fuss-free. Simply run a couple of pumps (recommended for mid-length hair) of the product through towel-dried hair and head out. You still get well-behaved hair without the need for rinsing or blow-drying, so you can get those extra precious minutes of shuteye.

Asience Leave-On Hair Treatment range, $14.90 each, is available at selected pharmacies and supermarkets in Singapore. For more information, visit www.asience.com.