New year, new you, as the saying goes. Or in this case, new skin. As time goes on and fine lines and wrinkles on our faces develop we’re increasingly on the hunt for products to keep our skin looking young, hydrated and fresh. If you’re also someone who treasures that extra five minutes of sleep in the mornings, you’ll appreciate the wonders of a simple and time-saving skincare routine.

The Body Shop has just launched an updated Drops of Youth range, formulated with stem cells from three different plants. It’s only apt that stem cells, known as the “renewal engine” of a plant, are behind a range that’s setting out to renew the youth of our skin.

“Plant stem cells are the source of a plant’s vitality. These stem cells never go through the ageing process other cells do. Instead, they constantly regenerate themselves and create all the specific cells the plant needs elsewhere”. – Jennifer Hirsch, Beauty Botanist for The Body Shop.

The Body Shop’s best selling Youth Concentrate (boasting one bottle sold every 23 seconds), has a new and improved formula, now infused with three times the stem power. The Drops of Youth range also includes two new stem cell power-packed products: the Youth Essence-Lotion and the Youth Cream.

Discover the three plants behind the protective, firming, and skin cell renewal properties of the new and improved range:

This flower from the alpine mountains in Italy is known for its protective properties, due to the antioxidant chemistry in the plant’s stem cells. Edelweiss is rich in leontopodic acids (named after the plant) that research has shown to be cytoprotective (cell-protecting) antioxidants, said to be three times more efficient than Vitamin C*.


Said to have firming properties, this sea holly from south Brittany in France grows in rough coastal weather conditions and relies on its stem cells to renew and repair itself. Packed with polyphenols and flavonoid chemistry, these stem cells have also been shown to stimulate the synthesis of key structural proteins such as collagen and elastin, resulting in a firming effect*.


Also from the rocky coastlines of France, the Criste marine halophyte (a plant specially adapted to thrive in a salty coastal environment) is said to have cell‑renewing properties*. It grows alternately submerged in the sea waves and spray, then baked by the sun. The plant’s stem cells enable it to withstand all that environmental stress and renew damaged areas, creating new cells, tissue and plant structures where they’re needed.

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*Information provided by The Body Shop