Model of the moment Cara Delevingne is one of the coolest cats the fashion world has to offer right now. As well as bringing her quirky personality to every celebrity party and shoot, Cara has made one massive beauty statement – with her eyebrows.

The strong brow look is huge and serves to frame your face as well as making your eyes the focal point. If you don’t have full eyebrows there are methods to cheat your way there, but the key is to keep it looking as natural as possible. Luckily there are lots of products and tricks to help you channel Cara’s amazing look.

International make-up artist for CID Cosmetics, Mikey Phillips, and creative director Rupert Kingston suggest you get your eyebrows shaped professionally. “Work with your natural brow shape and avoid over-plucking,” they advised Cover Media.

The ideal formula is to let your eyebrows start in line with the top of your nose and to finish at the outer edge of your eye.

“Ensure brows don’t dominate the face and work for you rather than against you,” they warned. If you’re using a pencil to colour them in, stick to one as close to your natural hair colour as possible. CID Cosmetics offers the i-groom which is a pencil and brush in one, to tame brows into submission as well as filling them in.

When using an eyebrow pencil, draw in an upward motion to recreate the natural growth of hair. Make sure you apply gradually, so you can build up the colour as much as you need. For a great range of shades, try Bobbi Brown pencils, which have an extra-creamy texture to make them more blendable.

Once you’ve got your great brows sorted, you’ll want to keep them in place for the whole day and night. A handy tip is to reach for a specially-designed gel, which will tame those stray hairs and fix your look. Eyeko have added an eyebrow gel to their range which also conditions, for that perfect finish. – © Cover Media