Hong Kong singer G.E.M who turned 30 on Monday (August 16) is well-versed in the art of skincare layering. So when she took to Xiaohongshu (Chinese lifestyle platform) to share her beauty hacks, our ears instantly perked up. Who better to break it down than the Mandopop superstar and style icon, right? In a Xiaohongshu post, the “Goodbye” singer shared her secret to bouncy, radiant, juicy skin: the 7 skin method. 

Credit: G.E.M/Xiaohongshu

For the uninitiated, the 7 skin method involves applying a toner or a watery essence up to seven times immediately after cleansing. Simply pour the toner or essence of your choice into your palm, and pat or knead the product into your skin. Repeat the same step six or seven more times. Doing so would release the hydrators into your complexion, refine skin and fill the epidermis with water molecules. This process of tapping and pressing also helps to encourage blood flow, delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin. 

As a final step, to seal everything in, G.E.M recommends soaking two or three cotton rounds in your toner before leaving them on your cheeks and T-zone as mini face masks. Smart move. The cheeks and T-zone are areas on our face where we tend to experience more unevenness and texture, so it’s a good idea to really work the toner in. 

If you have dry skin, you can follow G.E.M’s lead and apply a serum or essence to prevent moisture from being drawn out of your skin when the humectants evaporate. If you have oily skin, on the other hand, you don’t have to follow up with a serum or moisturiser. 

Which toner to use?

For the 7 skin method to work, G.E.M stressed that you need a toner “that is gentle and alcohol free,” as alcohol-based toners could lead to dryness and irritation. The singer-songwriter is a fan of the Dr. Mind Apot Red Toner, a nasties-free hydrating toner formulated with skin-loving botanicals. If you’re looking to try out this hack, here are some of our favourite hydrating toners. 

Credit: G.E.M/Xiaohongshu

57°N Glacier & PHA Clean Toner, $36.30

A great option for those with sensitive skin, this toner from South Korean brand 57°N is free of alcohol and other harsh ingredients. Best part? It’s formulated with soothing glacier water to tamp down redness and moisturise skin. 

Available at Lazada.

Clarins Hydrating Toning Lotion, $49

Clarins Hydrating Toner

This no-frills toner from Clarins is made with minimal but healing ingredients like aloe vera and organic fig to protect and hydrate skin. 

Available at Clarins.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Moisture Essence, $125

Elemis collagen essence

This essence is made with algae and sea spring water to give skin an intense surge of hydration. Not only will your skin feel supple after using it, you’ll also get that enviable dewy glow. 

Available at Elemis.

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