Calling it right now: This exciting new “jam” mask is poised to cause a shake-up in the skincare scene.

“After years of working closely with the Fresh Research Lab, we have bridged the world of vitamins into skincare – or, as we call it, skin nutrition – to create this highly innovative mask that awakens skin, minimises signs of fatigue, and reveals a vibrant, healthy-looking glow.”

– Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder

How so? For starters, it took many years of long-simmering gestation to bear fruit, so to speak; combined with arduous research and development within the secretive labs of LVMH’s swanky Helios Research Center in France to stabilise the key active ingredient in the formula, of which a whopping 50 percent is composed of fresh fruit – an unprecedented proportion of “food-grade” ingredients in a topical skincare salve.

We’ll get to the phenomenal promised results in a bit, but for now, it suffices to say that the new Vitamin Nectar is the logical progression of Fresh’s long-standing affinity for fusing together the freshest natural ingredients – think soy, sake and sugar – and complementing them with cutting-edge cosmeceutical ingenuity and know-how. Short and sweet – this mask is a bona fide beauty breakthrough.



What on earth is Vitamin Nectar supposed to do for your skin? Easy: Think of it as a fatigue-fighting “supplement” that provides both instant invigoration and long-term beautifying benefits over time – just like popping a vitamin pill, really.

Formula-wise, expect a ton of citrusy contributors to a clearer complexion:

A proprietary vitamin fruit complex: A potent potion of minerals and vitamins C, E and B5 that promise to restore softness and smoothness to dull and depleted skin.

Lemon paste: Plucked from the balmy orchards in the Mediterranean region, this zesty zinger is a double-duty exfoliator: The delightfully crumbly texture functions much like a manual scrub to gently lift away dirt and debris, while the AHA fruit acids are akin to a chemical peel to purge surface pollutants that are dulling your glow.

Orange and clementine paste: This happy marriage of Mediterranean oranges and Corsican clementines scours away skin stressors to refresh and re-energise, while the naturally occurring AHA fruit acids “eat” away at any residual gunk and grime.

One more thing: This jam-packed cocktail boasts an incredibly cool cushion-ey consistency that has to be swatched to be believed – it’s pretty much like well, jam, really – making it a pure pleasure to slather onto your skin.

The sum result of spreading this jam onto your skin? Fresh says scientific tests promise an improvement in skin’s glow by 31 percent and 49 percent after one use and after four weeks of use respectively; complexion that’s 34 percent and 51 percent smoother after one use and after four weeks respectively; and a refinement of skin texture by 25 percent after one use and 45 percent after four weeks. In other words, expect to peel away the past with consistent use, for skin that’s glistening and glowy like the freshest fruit possible.


Mask prep: The beauty boost
you never knew you needed

Okay, so slapping on the odd face mask or two is probably de rigueur for beauty beginners at this point, so it’s time to “upgrade” your beauty vocabulary and be acquainted with the glowing new concept of mask prep.

Here’s a neat analogy. Think of mask prep as the skincare equivalent of a makeup primer – you need to set the stage and prime your complexion for all the lotions and potions to follow.

In other words: This elixir is the essential first step to “unlocking” your skin and making it better equipped to soak up the good stuff from all of your subsequent skincare steps. Incredibly intuitive when you think about it, right?


#FreshTips for maximising your masks

Want to squeeze out every last drop of goodness from your Fresh beauty loot? Try your hand at these skin-saving symphonies, and have fun mixing and matching your masks!

A Bright Beginning

Start over and leave the dullness of the past behind with this trio of masks for a flawless future ahead. Slough off the surface layer of dead and dull skin using the Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask, then quench the thirst of the “baby” skin underneath with the soothing Rose Face Mask. Finally, seal in all of the goodness with the Peony Brightening Overnight Mask. Wake up to a softer and brighter visage!


Glow On

Layer on these three masks and enjoy seeing your face light up with renewed luminosity! The Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask clears the stage, so to speak, and softens your skin to better absorb the anti-oxidative goodness of the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. Boost the brightening prowess of black tea with the power of flowers – top it all off with the Peony Brightening Overnight Mask and expect to be “blinded” by the lovely luminosity of your complexion in the mirror the morning after!



Itching to check it out for yourself? The Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask, $105, is available at Fresh boutiques at #01-43 Raffles City and #B3-45 ION Orchard, as well as at all Sephora stores. Don’t forget to join the conversation online too, with #itsmyjam.


Redeem a complimentary Fresh treat from Aug 10-12, 2016 at Fresh’s pop-up event at Chevron House, 30 Raffles Avenue from 10am till 7pm.