Shiseido Special

When Shiseido tasked itself to reimagine Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation, a completely different kind of liquid foundation, it took the drawing board back to the basics – to what always makes a great foundation, and its role now.

The primary function of any foundation is to even skin tone, and make skin and its tone look better – without covering, concealing or masking (that’s the job of the concealer, not the foundation). That essential need hasn’t changed, even if times and lifestyle habits have. The other thing that hasn’t changed: Women like their makeup super light. Weightless. Easy to manage. Easy to blend. Feels like nothing. But what has changed: technology, and Shiseido is using some of the best to turn something as basic as a foundation into something smarter – make it behave more intuitively, make it adapt to varied skin tones, and recognise skin conditions.

How it adapts to your skin’s condition
Like a smart gadget, Synchro Skin’s Advanced Sensing Technology senses what skin needs. Oil and sweat are repelled by Micro-fit Polymer, while Sebum Absorbing Powder absorbs grease spots, so makeup looks and feels fresh even after eight hours. Time Match Powder reflects the optimum amount of light for the amount of sebum you produce. What this means: When skin is less greasy, the powder increases clarity for a dewy effect. When skin gets greasier, the powder becomes semi-transparent for a matte finish. “This foundation is very good for our ‘hot outside and cold inside’ weather,” says Lee. “It mattifies without making skin look mask-like.”


How it gets its second-skin-like texture
A base that feels great, which in turn makes women feel great, is just the thing they crave for. Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation has an Airy Cushion Formula with a Powder Network structure, which gives the foundation an extraordinary light, smooth texture that forms a thin veil over skin. The more it’s blended, the more velvety and powdery it feels, until you feel like you’re wearing a powdery foundation. “Its texture – liquid to powder – makes it idiot-proof to use,” says Singapore makeup artist Shaun Lee. “But unlike two-way cake foundations, this isn’t too matte or powdery. It just gives a you have very good skin’ look.”


How it gets your skin tone right
Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation has Transparent Correcting Polymers that allow natural skin tone to show through, while optically lessening enlarged pores, roughness and diffusing fine lines. It also features Transparent Colour Pigment Ex for clear, true colour without dulling. Both translate to enhanced skin tone for the healthiest-looking complexion.


How it supports skin’s health
With natural ingredients such as Hypericum Extract, which promises to normalise cell turnover for a complexion that feels as good as it looks, Mother of Thyme Extract for oxidation protection against environmental stressors that can dehydrate skin, and Hydro-sensing Polymer + Glyceline to help retain moisture.


A shade for every colour

Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation comes in three categories of shades and 12 shades. Rose #1 to #3 are for skin with reddish undertones; Neutral #1 to #5 are for reddish and yellow undertones; and Golden #1 to #4 are for yellow undertones. Shake well before use to activate the high-tech ingredients. Start with a small amount and work product outwards from the centre of face.