First it was Moschino. Now, it’s Colourpop getting on the collab bandwagon with My Little Pony.

In case you haven’t already heard, Colourpop recently released their collaboration with My Little Pony on Oct 5.

It’s the perfect timing, if you ask us, as it is a month away from the release of the My Little Pony Movie (in cinemas Nov 11). It gives us all enough time to revel in the good ol’ days and childhood memories before the movie’s out.

Colourpop is no stranger in the makeup world, having collaborated with Hello Kitty and YouTube Beauty Guru Kathleen Lights. Since they’re known for their amazing pigmentation, vivid colours and budge-proof formulas, Colourpop is a worthwhile makeup purchase in our books.

Over the past few days they’ve been selling like hotcakes. Here’s a roundup of all the best picks for you. 


Eyeshadow Palette

colourpop my little pony eyeshadow palette

Photo: Colourpop

First up is this eyeshadow palette: the 12 shades offer a good mix of both cool and warm tones, as well as matte and shimmer finishes. 

These contrasting colours are perfect for those who like to experiment and create different makeup looks. And the best part? It goes for just US$16 (S$21.76). #justsaying


Super Shock Shadows

colourpop my little pony glitter eyeshadowPhoto: Colourpop

Up next, check out these Super Shock Shadows. At US$5 (S$6.80) per pot, these glitter shadows are highly pigmented and supposedly last more than seven hours!

They come in three iridescent shades (from left to right): Porsey (soft pink with gold, silver and pink glitter), Sunbeam (pastel lavender with violet, hot pink and ice blue glitter) and Cherries Julibee (opalescent pink with hot pink glitter).

They’ve been selling out fast so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next restock.

Tip: You could wear them on their own, or apply them over matte shadows over the centre of your lids for added depth. Keep one handy in your makeup pouch to easily change up your look from the office to the party.





colourpop my little pony highlighterPhoto: Colourpop

In two shades (from left to right), Starflower (peachy gold) and Trickles (lavender with pink opal duo-chrome flip), this high-shine powder highlighter is perfect for Asian skin tones.

If you are not into highlighter, use them on your lids for a pop of colour, or even over your lipsticks! Available at US$8 (S$10.90) per pan.


Ultra Matte Lip

colourpop my little pony liquid lipstick

Photo: Colourpop

If eyeshadows and highlighters aren’t your thing, you’ll want to snatch their Ultra Matte Lip. Priced at $6 (S$8.15) each, these liquid lipsticks promise not to budge, even without the use of lip liners.


colourpop my little pony liquid lipstick

Photo: Colourpop

The Ultra Matte Lip comes in three shades (from left to right), Moon Dancer (blackened plum), Pin Wheel (vibrant cool-toned fuschia) and Lemondrop (bright cool-toned lavender).

Pin Wheel and Moon Dancer go well with both cool and warm complexions, while Lemondrop suits cool skin tones better.




Ultra Glossy Lip

colourpop my little pony lip gloss

Photo: Colourpop

For all the gloss-girls out there, the Ultra Glossy Lip sells at US$6 (S$8.15) and comes in three shades (from left to right): Flutter Valley (golden undertone with lots of pink and gold glitter), Ponyland (lilac slightly sprinkled with pink and gold glitter) and Dream Castle (metallic fuchsia with blue, violet and gold glitter on top). While it makes your lips stand out, the glossy-glitter lip effects conceal the look of dry skin and fine lines.


colourpop my little pony lip gloss

Photo: Colourpop

Use it on top of your lipstick or if you’re in a rush, by itself!



colourpop my little pony makeup brush and pouch

Photo: Colorpop

What is makeup without its accessories? The last two products that Colourpop has released are a set of mini brushes and a makeup bag. The US$22 (S$29.90) hot mini pink brushes come in a set of five: An angled face brush, a fan brush, shader brush, tapered blending brush and an angled eye brush. 

It’s kept compact in a little translucent holder, and can fit into the shimmery lavender makeup bag – perfect for that weekend getaway with your girlfriends!

The bag is 9 by 5.5 inches and is designed to be big enough to fit the whole collection. Grab it at US$18 (S$24.45).

If you fell in love with everything just as I did, you may want to consider buying the whole collection at US$110 (S$150), with a sheet of stickers.

Throw in US$25 (S$34) and you’ll get an ultra-cute tote bag too.

All products are available on Colourpop’s online site.