Rituals Sunrise Sweet Orange & Cedar Foaming Shower Gel Sen
Fancy putting some zing into your Spring? Then why not douse yourself with a zesty fragrance that not only smells fabulous but will also make you feel happy?

Citrus scented products are believed to work against stress and anxiety, and even if you are not an aromatherapy devotee, surely it’s worth a shot.

Look out for notes such as bergamot, neroli, orange, lemon, verbena or grapefruit, to mention a few.

Here are some citrus suggestions.

Rituals Sunrise Sweet Orange & Cedar Foaming Shower Gel Sensation
With its unique gel-to-foam technology the texture itself is playful. This is a morning ritual to invest in, as the fresh zing of sweet orange will bring energy to the rest of the day too.

Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin AB+C bath & shower gel
British brand Molton Brown has added orange oil into this gel cleanser, which not only adds a bit of luxury but also vitality to your shower.

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil Sweet Lemon
This new product is a so called dry-oil which absorbs quickly, leaving no residue or greasiness behind. It can be used on skin, making it smooth and soft, but also on hair to rehydrate and to seal split ends. © Cover Media