The Sakura has been a symbol of Japanese beauty for a long time, just like as the rose represents beauty in the West.

Here, we take you on a beauty journey around the world to discover five destinations in a new light – how they are iconic for beauty and to discover their award-winning beauty products.

Read on to find out more about France. 

Famous For: Wine, lavender fields, designer labels, perfumes and classic French chic beauty.

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While Paris is on everyone’s bucket list, there are several other just as amazing destinations to visit across the country.

Fragrance lovers will love to visit the beautifully scented countryside of Grasse, where it’s home to three perfumeries and two of the world’s most expensive raw ingredients found in perfumery — the May Rose (also known as rosa centifolia) and Jasmine, among others like Orange Blossom and Lavender. After though France might not be the country to invent the use of perfume, it has certainly become the world’s top exporter of fragrances today.

Besides a trip to the Louvre to see famed artworks like Leonardo Davinci’s Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, art lovers should also visit Arles and go on an art tour walking in Vincent Van Gogh’s footsteps (the Dutch painter was said to have spent just over a year in the town, resulting in one of his most well-known pieces, such as Sunflowers and The Starry Night). Alternatively, take a day trip from Paris to Giverny to visit the lily pond that inspired Claude Monet’s famous Water Lilies.

Beauty Standards

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French women are well-known for their chic, elegant and effortless looks — the “I woke up looking like this” movement and “sexy bedhead” look must have been thanks to this — especially with their “less is more” attitude towards skincare and makeup.

When it comes to makeup, an artfully smudged eyeliner and a casual swipe of red lipstick often completes the look. While skincare focuses on simplicity with an emphasis on healthy skin and enhancing what you have naturally — yes, that even means embracing the fine lines and wrinkles that you might have. In short, French women are the epitome of ageing gracefully.

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In addition, being home to some of the wines ever produced, France is also the world’s largest wine exporter in 2018, accounting for 29.1 per cent of the world’s total wine exports. Some of the country’s top wine regions include Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne.

In fact, the country is also famous for its wine consumption that drinking a glass of red wine a day is credited for not only being beneficial to your health, but for the skin too. The high content of antioxidant resveratrol and polyphenols found in red wine is not only known to improve heart health, but has also been said to be able to slow down acne-causing bacteria growth, fight free radical damage and boost micro-circulation at the same time to give you a healthy glow.

Did You Know…?

While nearly every brand today has a micellar water makeup remover in their collection, the origins of Micellar Water actually began in France as an answer to clean the face of dirt and makeup due to the country’s harsh water and plumbing system. What French women love about Micellar Water is how gentle it is on the skin, its efficiency in removing traces of makeup and impurities and all while keeping skin hydrated and nourished at the same time.

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