Forget ombre this is the best hair colour trend in a long while B1.png

So over ombre? French for “shaded”, the word in fashion-speak stands for pretty much anything that starts out one colour and morphs into another, and has been co-opted into everything from manicures to makeup quads.

As is wont with any fad, the omnipresence of ombre is slowly being overtaken by something softer and subtler – call it “sombre”, if you will. This new season in coiffure couture is less “obvious” than ombre, being more polished and pulled together than the hitherto out-there hair trend of the early Noughties.  

Here’s how to sport the sombre: Ask your colourist to bring the caramel colour up front, near the forehead, with ribbons of the same honey hue radiating down the entire length, so as to simulate streaks of naturally sun-bleached strands. (You can experiment with bolder blues and purples, but the sombre is really all about restraint, so golden hues are the way to go.)

Having the lighter locks interwoven with the darker base makes the colour contrast less jarring, notes Ark Lin, creative director of Air Salon: “The grown-up version of the ombre is way more wearable and will really play up the layering of your cut.”

Forget ombre this is the best hair colour trend in a long while Moist Diane.png

To style, simply run your fingers through the ends with a lock-loving hair oil and you’re good to go. Product recommendation-wise, I’m loving Moist Diane’s fabulously fortifying Smooth Hair Oil and Volume & Scalp Shampoo Treatment range, which comes chock-a-block with cuticle-comforting Moroccan argan and baobab oils, not to mention a colour-protective UV shield courtesy of precious peptides and alpine rose stem cells.  

Best of all, the sombre is super versatile; the choppy colour of this peekaboo pouf is perfect for anything from a maximum-impact mane to a wavy Beyonce wob

Tempted to treat your tresses to a sweet sombre surprise? Book a salon appointment, stat – but first, get your creative colour juices flowing with the following Insta-glam poster girls for the latest “to-dye-for” trend!

Moist Diane Volume & Scalp Shampoo & Treatment, $16.90 each, and Smooth Hair Oil, $18.90, are available at Watsons, NTUC Fairprice, BHG, John Little and Meidi-Ya. For more information, follow Moist Diane Singapore on Instagram