Food or face treats It’s hard to tell with The Body Shop b0.png

We’re suffering from a confounding case of cognitive dissonance here: All our hungry minds can think of is spreading the products you see here on hunks of white bread.

To wit, a tub of The Body Shop’s Special Edition Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub ($30.90, pictured below) looks precision-engineered to resemble jam, berry seeds and all. Stash this in your bathroom, far from the grasping paws of curious toddlers!

Food or face treats It’s hard to tell with The Body Shop b2.png

This bumper crop also comes with an adorable capsule collection of glossy lippies in mouth-puckeringly piquant hues. Zero in on the Colour Crush Shine Lipstick in Fuchsia Flirt ($22.90, pictured below), which is an electrifying neon pop perfect for blowing well, raspberry kisses with.

Food or face treats It’s hard to tell with The Body Shop Lipsticks FUCHSIA FLIRT b1.png

If raspberries are too tart for your liking, try the Special Edition Body Butter in Blueberry ($30.90, pictured below) instead.

A best-seller that’s quite possibly a game-changer in beauty history, The Body Shop says that its founder Dame Anita Roddick conjured up the original creamy confection back in 1992 (the first flavour was mango, if you’re one for the records) because she wanted her body lotions chunky enough to spread like the best of butters – more of a “scoop” than a “squirt”, if you’re one for food metaphors.

The above anecdote is exactly why we love The Body Shop: The beauty brand may be eco-conscious and all, but it certainly doesn’t scrimp on the luxe quotient. The new Blueberry Body Butter, for one, crams the antioxidant-rich oils from a staggering 500 blueberries into one tub, and is said to offer round-the-clock hydration for parched elbows and knees.

Food or face treats? It’s hard to tell with The Body Shop blueberry body butter

Of course, expect all of the Community Fair Trade goodness that’s become a hallmark of The Body Shop: The CFT honey used in the Early-Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel, for instance, hails from what the brand evocatively dubs “bee-whisperers” sequestered in the heart of the Ethiopian rainforests in the Beza Mar region – a suitably sweet and utterly bee-lightful way of signing off, really.

Bonus: Pair your fruity new The Body Shop products with our list of bona fide, face-friendly foods. Have fun eating your way to flawless skin!

The Body Shop Special Edition Early-Harvest Raspberry collection is available at all The Body Shop stores from March 28, 2014. For more information, visit and follow The Body Shop Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.