Get ready to tussle to your heart’s content as you follow these top tips to create the perfect catwalk look in the comfort of your own home.

First things first, you need to wash your hair with volumising shampoo and conditioner. Your Highness by Tigi Catwalk is the perfect way to splurge on your hair. These lavender, wisteria, jasmine and violet infused products go a long way with just a small amount and are bound to keep your hair bouncy and big once dried.

Flaunt your frizz: Tips to get glamourous big hair

Alternatively, you should use a more cost-effective option, such as Aussie Volume by Aussie. With a sweet coconut scent these shampoo and conditioners will give a shine and softness to your hair that you could only dream of.

Once washed, leave to air-dry slightly as this encourages a frizz that both blow-drying and straightening can take away.

Next, you’ll need a big brush and sponge rollers to create ample volume for this look. Because you’ll be applying a lot of heat to your locks during this process it’s necessary to shield your hair from getting burnt and singed. However you want to ensure this product also gives an extra boost so it’s best to get the two combined.

One product which can be relied upon is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum. In addition to protecting your locks this product will also boost your hair growth by invigorating your roots, enhancing them as they dry. Another choice is Root Boost Mousse by Headmasters. You can’t go wrong with this fluffy, lightweight foam and it is easy to apply without the stickiness you often get with mousses.

Using your chosen product put a blob onto the palms of your hand and work through your hair, starting from the root and lifting from the scalp to the tips. As you run your fingers through squeeze and pull it slightly to give it extra height.

Once thoroughly and evenly covered, slowly raise your hair and using a large brush, such as a XL Tease Brush by Paul Mitchell, blow-dry from the roots and gently tug your hair out. Tip your head upside down as you do so to help it dry in the right direction.

After it‘s bone dry, get ready to tease your hair to get the glamorized frizz finish. Find a good, solid fine toothed comb and separate your hair into different sections to backcomb towards your scalp. As your hair begins to get bigger it’s time to pull out the hairspray to give it that much-needed hold.

One consistent spray has to be L’Oreal Elnett Catwalk Collection 13 Limited Edition. Grab this product while it’s in stock to give your locks that runway finish. Or you could use Sexy Hair Big Spray & Play Volumising Hairspray, which also adds shine and is humidity resistant.

Spray evenly and lightly run a fine toothed comb over your hair to get it into shape as a final touch and voilà, you are ready to roll.

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