Your flight has been booked and you’re packing your bags. This is when you realise that you’ve run out of “travel-sized” beauty products. I then try to pick the smallest bottles of creams and lotions I have so that I don’t have to “re-package” my usual beauty products.

So after trying different methods of packing my beauty essentials, I’ve discovered that there are certain staples I cannot live without. These are my tried and tested picks for travelling beauty essentials that will work to keep your skin great and make makeup a breeze.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream

We all know that travelling can dry out the skin, especially the sensitive areas around the eyes. Fresh has released its new Hydrating Eye Gel Cream from its signature rose range. The extremely moisturising formula promises to hydrate your eyes for up to 30 hours, with a cocktail of ingredients that aim to soothe tired eyes. The highlight of this product is its use of golden root extract, a rare plant filled that is said to offer “superior antioxidant protection and hydration” to your eyes. Plus, the mini size is a perfect companion on board.

Dermalogica Skin Kits

If you don’t want to take a risk with your skincare regime, or if you’re too lazy to repackage every cream ‒ Dermalogica’s travel set will be perfect for you. The brand has repackaged a full skincare regime for different skin types, with very travel-friendly functions. For example, the toner is in an easy-to-use spray bottle, so you won’t have to call housekeeping for cotton pads. These small details make a huge difference when you’re pressed for time overseas!

Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes

We all know that makeup does wonders to enhance our natural features, but taking your entire eyeshadow palette on a trip can be a hassle (you also risk them cracking en route!). The solution? Lunasol’s 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes, a mini palette perfect for carrying on board. It features the right mix of colours and a mini eyeshadow brush (brush, not sponge!) for easy application. This limited edition set covers the basic colours you need to create an easy-to-wear eyeshadow look, which will most certainly brighten your eyes in photos.

Human+Kind Shampoo+Body Wash

It might not come in a “travel-friendly” size, but Human+Kind’s Shampoo and Body Wash is a great multi-tasking product. Suitable for use on both your hair and body, the dual-use shampoo and body wash is made with all natural ingredients, so you won’t get icky stuff like chemicals and parabens with this product. My favourite of the lot is the Apple and Herbs, a natural smelling blend with anti-inflammatory ingredients, great for sensitive skin.

MOR Little Luxuries Marshmallow Hand Cream

Over-washing your hands or sanitising them too much will lead to dehydrated skin, a common problem when I’m travelling overseas. Mor’s Marshmallow Hand Cream is a delectable blend of moisturising agents such as shea and cocoa butter, together with Vitamins A and E. What I love about this cream is not only its travel-friendly size (you can have this with you even through customs!) but the cream also includes sesame seed oil. The brand claims that this ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that will prevent premature ageing. And seriously, who doesn’t love a marshmallow cream!


Dermalogica Skin Kits, $92, are available at AsterSpring Centres and selected Dermalogica-authorized skin treatment centres. For more information, follow the brand on Facebook.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream, $75, is available at all Sephora stores. For more information, visit and, and follow the brand on Facebook and Sephora Singapore on Facebook and Twitter.

Human+Kind Shampoo+Body Wash, $25, is available at, WhatHeWants, and selected Watsons stores. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.

Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes, $77, is available at all Lunasol counters. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.

Mor Little Luxuries Marshmallow Hand Cream, $23, is available at Takashimaya Department Store. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.