#1: To begin

Take a selfie and upload it on Sephora’s Virtual Artist, an interactive web feature, that allows you to find the most suitable lip shade. You can either take a photograph of your face with the webcam connected to your computer or upload a image of your face. 

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#2: A facial recognition technology is used to detect your lip location and shape.

You can move the dots to outline your lips more accurately, and go back to refine them until they match your lip shape. You should also have three images on hand in case the system cannot read or detect your lips.

I find that choosing a front-facing image of yourself, with no sunglasses and a slight smile with no teeth is the my best bet. 

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#3: Choosing your new lippie

As seen on the right of the layout (next to your face), there are seven lip imprints categorising the seven types of lip makeup colours, and a total of 1,892 shades to can choose from. 

You can also click on the “Filters” button (on top of the Red lip imprint) to narrow down your options, such as whether you prefer a lipstick or a lip gloss, or if you have any brand preferences.

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#4: The “Surprise Me” Button

Just for fun, when you click on this feature, the system will pick a random colour for you, and therefore, surprising you.

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#5: The “Compare” Button

This function lets you to compare how you would look in four different shades on your face. You can download, save or share the photos.

There’s also a sidebar that shows the specific lipstick you’ve virtually tried on to make your purchases easier. Here, you can also click on the “Surprise Me” button under the four images for new shades. 


#4: The “Shop” Option

If you want to “shop the look”, you can click on “Shop”, and a new window opens to a Sephora online store, where you can cart out your chosen lip pie right away.