Chloe Phoebe Asher Choo, 22, blogger and influencer (www.

She has a whopping 62,000 followers on Instagram (@chloeandchoo), and loves filming beauty tutorials and posting them on Youtube. Her date-night look: chic and vampy.


“I opt for a fuss-free hairstyle, such as a simple half ponytail. I don’t want to make multiple trips to the toilet just to make sure my hair is in place.”

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Sophie, $44.


“I don’t go for dramatic looks, but I do make an effort to emphasise my eyes by wearing winged eyeliner. Here’s a cat- eye makeup tip: as you line your eyes, smile until you see little lines at the outer corners of your eyes. At the outer corners, extend the liner outwards and up, along one of those little lines. There you go: the perfect cat eye.” 

Chloe Chloe EDP, $176.


“Chloe Chloe EDP ($176) – I’m always wearing it. Even my friends recognise the scent now; they say things like ‘Someone wearing Chloe EDP walked past me and I immediately thought it was you.’ I definitely want my date to remember my perfume too.” 


“I like black outfits. Something that’ll catch his attention; nothing too boring or plain.”


“Under the sheets. Ha ha, just joking! For me, the best dates are those spent at home or out star-gazing with my boyfriend. There’s something calming about laying on a couch with your man or just looking up at the night sky with him.”


This story was originally published in the February 2016 issue of Her World magazine.