An antidote for acne?

Agonising over acne and parrying an onslaught of oversized pores? Good news, guys: We may have just hit the beauty jackpot with this baby.

But first, a quick run-through of why suffering from spots suck so much. It’s not a sweeping statement to proclaim that pimples are a universal pain the face. I mean, they hurt – quite literally too, speaking as someone who’s borne the brunt of a cystic outbreak – plus some off-the-counter zit zappers only serve to dessicate your skin into a frightful flaky mess.   

The solution? Enter Botox. Yes, we’re talking the very same injectable that’s the elixir of choice of ladies who are … shall we say, prone to disappearing for mysteriously long lunchtime breaks – and beauty buffs, you know exactly what I mean.

At this juncture, it would be remiss of me not to include a crucial caveat-cum-disclaimer: This article does not in any way sub for a proper sit-down with a qualified aesthetician; always consult a doctor in real life before committing to a procedure. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for the fun stuff – needles and bloodshed!

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How does all of this work?

Right, then. Formidable face-freezing properties aside, what aid can Botox provide in our battle against blemishes?

Easy. The next-gen treatment (referred to in aesthetic dermatological circles as “intradermal” or “micro” Botox) involves injecting teensy-weensy droplets of botulinum toxin into the miniature muscles monitoring pore activity in your skin. (These muscly hard workers are the reason why you break out into goosebumps when you’re in a chilly clime.)

In any case, paralysis of said muscles is believed to shrink pores and slow sebum production down to a trickle – which in turn helps to alleviate acne. The result? Proponents of intradermal Botox promise this lunchtime procedure will lend a beguiling boost to your complexion that’s incredibly subtle and well-nigh undetectable – your skin, only better, with less oil and fewer blemishes to boot.

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That’s all well and good, but here’s the billion-dollar beauty question: Does it work? There’s some science to back it up, at any rate: A Japanese study suggests that this novel method can indeed inhibit oil formation.

Then there’s Singapore dermatological doyenne and medical director Dr Karen Soh of Prive Clinic, who explains that this procedure does work: “The action on the smooth muscles of sebaceous glands reduces sebum production and thus reduces shine and acne.” Sounds legit to me!

Or consider this vote of confidence from Dr David Loh, founder of David Loh Surgery: “It’s also good in the control of acne-like eruptions associated with rosacea. We recommend that intradermal Botox be done together with a Carbon Peel or IPL for their synergistic properties in the reduction of active acne and post-acne marks.” Sold!

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What else should you know?

Intrigued and raring to give this a go? Keep in mind that because this full-face treatment necessitates needling with multiple points of entry, you may experience more bruising and bleeding than you would with “conventional” Botox injections.

Complete remission of existing acne may also take a couple of months, as it involves the reconditioning of your sebaceous glands. It’s pricey, too – expect to pay at least a couple of hundred dollars per pop – plus you may have to undergo multiple sessions if you have particularly recalcitrant pimples.

My suggestion? Try topical ointments first; my go-to is a daily detoxifying clay mask to purge my pores of pimple-causing gunk.

But hey, your face, your life, your choice. You know the drill: Spill the #deets and let us know if intradermal Botox works for you. Cheers to good complexion!

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