Filorga Sleep Recover anti-fatigue night balm, $112

What better way to allow your body to recover than with a good night’s sleep? Filorga Sleep Recover anti-fatigue night balm will apparently bring new meaning to the term “beauty sleep”. According to the brand, the night balm works with the reparative anti-stress hormones, that are produced while you sleep, to regenerate your skin and diminish signs of fatigue.

Using silk tree extract to help rebalance the sleep hormone – melatonin – levels in your body, your dark circles will apparently appear less obvious and your dull complexion will be made more radiant, while horse chestnut extract helps reduce puffiness. Lines brought about by tension and fatigue (think crow’s feet and frown lines) are also said to look more relaxed upon waking.

Filorga claims that regular use of Filorga Sleep Recover will regenerate your skin, reverse the signs of fatigue and help your skin be more resistant to environmental stresses.

Filorga Sleep Recover, $112, is available at all Sephora outlets in Singapore. For more information, visit