The festive season is always hectic – work, dates, catch-ups, parties, repeat. It doesn’t help that the effects of late nights out and too much festive food will show up on your skin and body. To dazzle through the festive season, you need an effective – and effortless – countdown plan. Here is cutting-edge aesthetic clinic and spa SW1’s one-month beauty roadmap for women with lots of places to be, and very little time. 

You have four weeks
Lift sagging skin, treat fatigue and fix pigmentation.

End the year looking younger than when you began it. If your skin is sagging from the loss of collagen, Infinity Instalift can give it a lift where it’s most needed – at drooping brows, sagging cheeks, nasolabial folds, or loose skin around the neck. These bio-absorbable threads stimulate a matrix of collagen for natural scaffolding and gradually melt into your skin for the most natural V-shaped lift, with just some temporary swelling.

If all that OT work and sun-drenched beach vacations are dimming your lustre, reboot your skin with Forever Young BBL. This 30-minute treatment promises to be painless. How it works: Short blasts of high-intensity light send energy deep within the skin to “programme” it to look younger. Over seven days, fatigued skin, sun spots, fine lines and pores should appear reduced, with fresh, luminous skin taking their place.

You have three weeks
Replenish your skin’s moisture reservoir.

Before you refresh your gin and tonic, give your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid reserve a year-end top-up. Better than any miracle cream or contouring kit, Facial Fillers of hyaluronic acid dramatically soften the look of lines and accentuate your features with little downtime. It can give you instant cheekbones, fill out fine lines and make your skin look younger in less than 30 minutes. 

You have two weeks
Shape up for your party wardrobe.

No one needs to know that you thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas roast and mulled wine. Coolshape cleans the slate on your worst guilty indulgences. Said to be painless, this fat-busting treatment uses cold energy to break down fat cells. In just 60 minutes, it effectively shapes stubborn bulges such as love handles and muffin tops. Every piece in your party wardrobe will fit more beautifully.

You have one last week
Accentuate your best assets.

Steal the show with some refinements to your best assets such as your jawline, lips and skin. 

Inspired by the namesake Egyptian queen famous for her regal jawline, the Nefertiti Facelift uses muscle-relaxing injections to reduce sagging on your neck and jaw. It also tightens loose skin for a youthful jaw-lift that lasts for three to five months. 

Get ready to party with your favourite lip colour, whether it’s a deep wine or statement red. For an added boost, Revitalift Lips volumises, reshapes and hydrates your pout with natural hyaluronic acid fillers in less than 45 minutes. 

As a finishing touch, lift, tone and hydrate your skin with the 24K Uplift. Combining clinical ultrasound skin-lifting technology with cold laser, aqua-dermabrasion and vitaminised skin infusion, this 90-minute celebrity-favourite treatment will give you youthful, translucent skin that’s totally red-carpet-ready.

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