Fergie says her main beauty regret is not using sunscreen when she was younger.

The stunning Black Eyed Peas singer always looks radiant on the red carpet and boasts a stunning complexion, although she worries that her quest for a golden glow when she was younger is affecting her skin.

The songstress always ensures she protects herself from the harmful rays of the sun nowadays, and wishes that had always been the case.

“The one thing I’ve learnt about my body I wish I’d known ten years ago is how important sunscreen is,” she confided to the British edition of Cosmopolitan.

The beautiful star also revealed just how eclectic her underwear collection is. Fergie was asked whether her undergarment draw was primarily lingerie based, practical, or featured body shaping Spanx. The singer, who is married to Hollywood hunk Josh Duhamel, admits she owns all different types.

“All of the above and more darling,” she laughed. © COVER MEDIA