Nosing about for the reason behind your spate of rotten luck this year? Keep your chin up. The solution to your problems may be as plain as the nose on your face – just ask any feng shui fanatic.

Okay, so what can the ancient arts tell us about your all-important, upper-case Life and Luck? For starters, your facial features – think the curves and contours of your nose and chin – may speak volumes about your future fortune. What’s more, a judicious tweak or two may even nudge you down a more prosperous path.   

Before we dive nose-first into the misty waters of mysticism, let’s pause for the customary caveats: These pointers should serve as amusing diversion first and guiding principle second.

Got that? Good. Keep scrolling for a trio of handy quizzes that’ll help you to uh, nose your way to the top (last pun, we promise):








Oh, yeah. One final thing. For the sceptics out there: Don’t thumb one’s nose at something you don’t understand. Book an appointment with an aesthetician, make the tiny tweaks suggested via your quiz results and you might just see your prospects take a turn for the beet right under your very nose. Have fun, and good luck!