Felicia is cold. Don’t get us wrong; we’re not trying to say that she’s given us the cold shoulder.

Dressed in a white sleeveless jumpsuit, the actress is indeed shivering because of the strong air conditioning at furniture store Marquis QSquare where she’s busy filming.

Upon noticing her quivering, JeffreyFelicia’s fellow colleague and boyfriend — comes over to drape his sweater over her shoulders.

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The couple has been dating for two years now (they came clean last year) and they’ve been sharing many blissful and affectionate photos on their Instagram accounts.

With such a sweet and caring partner, it’s no wonder Felicia looks radiant. But it’s not just the pheromones that are working at peak performance for this love-struck actress.

She attributes her porcelain skin to proper skincare and that means never go to bed with a face full of makeup.



“You must have the discipline to use the right beauty products to keep your skin healthy,” she shares. “When I was younger, I was lazy and I would go to bed with my makeup on. That was terrible! But now, whenever I’m off work, I’ll always ensure that I remove my makeup thoroughly.”  

Envious of her good skin, we sit down with Felicia to talk more about bad skincare habits (that we must absolutely avoid), her beauty tips as well as what her relationship with Jeffrey has taught her.

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Congratulations on being named as the first sum:37 Singaporean ambassador. What are your favourite beauty products?

Felicia: I like the Secret Essence because it always gives me the glow on my skin whenever I look into my mirror in the morning. I’ve noticed that my skin has also become firmer than before.

Besides the Secret Essence, I also like the eye cream. It moisturises my eye area without any greasy feeling. And since I’m a fan of minimal makeup, I love to use sum:37’s cushion compacts.

They’re great for touching up on-the-go.

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Have you always been a K beauty follower? Which trend are you most obsessed with?

Felicia: The radiant look! I’ve always admired how the Korean celebrities can look so good on television regardless of the scenes that they film or the roles that they play. I realise that besides using the right makeup products, you’ll have to take very good care of your skin to achieve that level of flawless skin.

And that’s what the Koreans are really good at doing. I have Korean friends who tell me that they have a fridge solely for storing of their facial masks. That’s how serious they are when it comes to skincare!


What’s your skincare advice?

Felicia: I believe that skincare is very important so you must have the discipline to use beauty products to keep your skin healthy. Also, whenever I’m off work, I will always ensure that I remove my makeup thoroughly. When I was younger, I was lazy and I would go to bed with my makeup on — that was terrible!


How do you pamper your skin after a tiring day at work?

Felicia: After my usual skincare steps, I’ll treat myself to a heated eye mask. For my face, I’ll use a sheet mask everyday when I’m not working. It helps to hydrate my skin instantly.  


Your job requires you to be out filming for long hours. What are your tips on making your makeup last?

Felicia: It’s challenging especially in Singapore! My advice is to always have a good makeup base so that the makeup can last longer. I’ll also have a hydrating mist with me whenever I’m filming to moisturise my skin.

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Does Jeffrey ‘steal’ and use your beauty products?

Felicia: He hasn’t tried them yet but he’s told me that he can see the effects on my skin so he’s very keen in trying out the Secret Essence as well as the men’s range.


With your relationship being ‘open’ to the public’s eyes, do you and Jeffrey feel any pressure?

Felicia: Before going public about our relationship, we’ve already discussed it. We waited till our relationship has stabilised before doing so. I think love is something that you can’t contain and we just want to be open about it. So far, we’re blessed that the public has been very encouraging and we’ve received a lot of well wishes too.


What have you learned about yourself through this relationship?

Felicia: In the past, I would feel frustrated whenever my other half had opinions on certain issues which are different from mine. This relationship has taught me to look at things from a different perspective because all of us grow up differently and everybody has different personalities. I’ve also learned that it’s never about feeling you’re always right; it’s about understanding each other.


What are your upcoming projects?

Felicia: I’ve filmed a dialect drama titled Jiak Ba Buay (Eat Already?). Through it, I’ve become closer to the older generation because I have to practice my Hokkien-speaking skills with them. It’s definitely something new for me.

I’ve also paired up with Jeffrey in a Channel 8 drama named Life Less Ordinary. It’s been two years since our last drama together and this is the first time we’re working together as a couple. Interestingly, we’re acting as a couple in this series too! But he’s the bossy one in it and I’m the meek one. Romeo, Xiang Yun jie and Li Ping jie are in it too!

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