Jane Iredale She’s the beauty maverick who introduced mineral makeup to the beauty market in 1994.

Fast-forward 18 years and these days Jane Iredale counts celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Dame Helen Mirren as fans of her products.

The former casting director, writer and producer came into the business on a mission to create makeup women could wear without damaging their skin.

“In the entertainment business I met a lot of actresses and models that had skin damage and breakouts. Some of them even had to leave the business because of it,” Iredale tells Cover Media.

“I didn’t want to sell anything that I didn’t feel good about. I wanted efficacy and clarity. I don’t think I would have seen that quite so graphically if I hadn’t been in the business.”

This Spring she launches a new turquoise eye shadow, a new blush shade and a brand new primer.

But in a business where new launches are the best way to get press coverage and ensure sales, Jane Iredale has chosen a different path and rarely puts out new products.

“Our ‘trend’ has generally been having a makeup that is good for the skin. But I’m glad this Spring we’re on trend with the aqua eye shadow,” she says.

So, what’s the best thing about being head of a beauty empire?

“The most fun with my job is the creativity,” she says. “Everything from creating the product to creating the packaging to writing my blog. That’s where I feel my juice is really running,” she adds. © Cover Media

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