Suffering from hair loss? Aside from piling on the hair products (or tonics), you’ve got to watch your diet. In general, foods loaded with vitamins B, C, A and D and minerals such as selenium, zinc, protein and iron will do your locks some favours. Here are five foods to eat for healthier hair.


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Think barley, oats and buckwheat. Wholegrains contain lots of zinc, iron and vitamin B, all of which regulate hormones and result in better hair growth.


Dark green leafy vegetables

Your mother was right: eat your veggies, especially dark green ones. They’re rich in vitamins A and C, zinc and folic acid, all of which are great for your body and hair. Not sure which to chomp on? Go for spinach and broccoli, both of which contain nutrients that prevent hair loss and boost thicker growth.




Eggs contain zinc, selenium and iron. They’re also packed with biotin, a vitamin that helps with hair growth, proteins that help cells carry oxygen to hair follicles.



Go for the Indian mackerel, which is rich in Omega 3 and 6, or oysters, which is packed with zinc. These nutrients give you a healthy scalp and strong hair. Also don’t forget salmon, its fatty acids of which prevents hair loss.



 Lean red meat

A reduced intake of iron can result in hair loss and even baldness. According to research, women with an iron deficiency usually have thinner and unhealthier hair. Lean red meat is full of iron content and will give you stronger strands.


This story first appeared on CLEO, 12th May 2017.