F1 season is racing right toward us, and you know what that means. The city is about to come alive with glitzy events and parties and chances are, you’ve already started receiving invitations. If only hitting RSVP meant being instantly transformed and ready too!

While we can turn to online shopping and various fashion delivery services to nail our party looks in a flash, the same can’t be said about getting our faces ready, because beauty takes time. We’re not just talking make up– we’re talking about that radiant, deep-from-within glow that is only achievable if you a) have excellent genes and b) are diligent with your skincare like, every day. Which we know doesn’t always happen because life simply gets in the way. Luckily, our favorite medi-spa Privé Aesthetics is offering a range of facetherapies just in time for F1 season that have been designed specifically to cater to the amount of time you have pre-event. Ladies, start your (beauty) engines and get ready to glow.

If you have 1 week: Prive’s Signature Facetherapy

Designed to fortify your skin with antioxidants, rebalance your skin’s equilibrium and strengthen its natural protective barrier, opt for any of Privé’s signature facetherapies if you have more time pre-event. The range of treatments are catered for your unique skin condition and skin type, kicking off with a relaxing shoulder massage that will awaken the brain cells to help boost skin metabolism, improve blood circulation and encourage detoxification for glowing, radiant skin. The treatment then continues with a customised serum packed with vitamins and minerals to help activate new collagen formation and skin regeneration. This treatment is ideal if you have at least a week, so you skin has time to achieve its maximum glow potential.

If you have only 1 day: Elite Facelift for Facial Skin Tightening

If your event is a day away, opt for this non-invasive tightening treatment that requires absolutely no downtime. The treatment utilises radiofrequency technology and micro-vibration energy to tighten and tone skin tissue to achieve an inside-out firming effect. This treatment is great for those looking to treat everything from superficial fine lines to deep wrinkles, and instantly helps your skin look less tired and listless. Camera-ready in just a day? Yes, please.

If your event is today: Quick Fix Facetherapies

For the super time-strapped, we recommend any of Privé Aesthetics quick fix facetherapies to rejuvenate your skin in a flash. These facetherapies include cleansing, exfoliation, serum application and moisturiser in addition with a light scalp or shoulder massage to get you event ready in a hurry. Not only are these facetherapies super efficient, the massage component helps to reduce any pre-party stress or tension, allowing you to rock up to the event ultra refreshed.

PS: the Discovery PICO laser is also capable of tattoo and superficial and deep pigmentation lesions removal. Utilising pulse emission modes exclusive only to this laser, the Photo-Thermal mode treats skin effectively by rapidly rising the temperature up to 900 degrees, which causes the particles to fragment, which are eventually removed from the body through natural lymphatic drainage. It sounds super intense, but we promise that this treatment is equal parts effective, safe and has minimal to no downtime.

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