With a squeaky-clean image that’s devoid of any scandalous gossip, it’s no wonder that Janine Chang got picked as the new face of Japanese preservative-free beauty brand Fancl. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has more than 10 million followers on her Weibo. In the words of Michelle Ma, the brand’s executive director of Fancl: “She comes across as very pure, natural and healthy, so she’s someone who matches our brand image. Also, Janine’s very analytical ­– she’s very knowledgeable about everything, not just skincare. She likes to find out the truth and what’s best, whether it’s what she’s using or eating.”


Her analytical skills may have come from her background (the 35-year-old has a bachelor’s degree in law). She says: “I realised that I was more passionate about acting than practising law, but I feel that my studies haven’t gone to waste – I now read my own contracts!” She’s also put that inquisitive mindset to good use when it comes to finding the best skincare and achieving balance in her life. Here, she tells us about her career, her hobbies and, of course, her beauty secrets.


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On her career inspirations and aspirations



Acting relaxes her

“Growing up, I get anxious easily. I found that acting helped me relax. It also enables me to understand myself a lot better by viewing different situations from various perspectives. It has changed me a lot as a person and helped me learn more about the world, the lessons of which I can pass on to my audience.”


Who are the actors who inspire you and why?

“The directors who have guided me all this while, like Shaudi Wang and Cai Yue Xun. And many very talented actors like Damian Lau, Cheng Pei-pei, Leon Dai… too many. The people I’ve worked with before have motivated me and taught me a lot.”


What kind of roles have you played on television or in the movies?

“I’ve performed many different types of roles before, including being a doctor, lawyer, diplomat… there are too many roles I’ve done.”


What kind of roles would you like to perform in the future?

“I would like to do more specialised roles, such as being a spy or a special agent.”


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On her beauty secrets



How she keeps herself looking great

“I eat well, take supplements like Tense Up and sometimes boil soups for myself like white fungus soup. I also make red bean lotus soup. These things help me balance the heatiness in my body, and improves my complexion as well. I also cannot live without exercise like running, swimming and yoga – they are extremely important in order to develop beauty from within.”


What she does to destress

“Exercise, run and meditate.”


The one makeup product she can’t live without

Lip balm!”


Why she’s a Fancl fan

“I started using its products when the brand was introduced to Taiwan, even before I became its ambassador. They don’t contain additives, alcohol or preservatives, which are perfect for people with sensitive skin like me. The small packaging is also very convenient for storage and travel. I also relate to the brand’s philosophy, ‘Less is more.’ I believe in using only what is required, and that quality is more important than quantity.”


Her favourite products

“I actually really like all of Fancl’s products because they don’t contain preservatives and don’t irritate my skin. I’m also a big fan of its supplements, especially the Tense Up collagen drink, because they make looking and feeling good very convenient.”


Best beauty advice she’s ever received

“We shouldn’t be afraid of ageing. With age, we become more mature, and also more beautiful.”


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