Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a major fan of aesthetic procedures. I’ve tried just about everything – lasers, peels, Exilis, Thermage, Ulthera, fillers and, of course, Botox. However although many of these treatments have visible results more quickly than say, using creams, they aren’t immediate. Most need at least a month before you see any real difference in the quality of your skin.

dysport dermalift beauty review DECORStock image: Corbis

Which is why I was interested in trying the new Dysport Dermalift. Dysport is another type of botulinum toxin ‒ the main active ingredient in the treatment that’s basically known as “Botox”. The product does the same thing as the Botox we all know, but it’s formulation is slightly different ‒ it’s more “liquid” ‒ which allows it to be used differently.

Botox is usually injected into the underlying muscles of your face to weaken them (the toxin blocks or reduces the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is required for the muscle to contract) and therefore helps to stop deeper lines forming. It’s especially good for glabellar lines or frown lines.

The Dysport version is injected into the dermis layer on your face above your muscles and works by contracting the underlying layers of skin. 

Using the toxin in this way was developed by Korean plastic surgeon Dr Lee Youn Seob whose practice apparently catered to a large number of actors; they wanted help with their lines but obviously still needed to be able to make expressions ‒ otherwise they’d be out of a job.

So, Dr Lee experimented with using diluted Dysport and discovered that he could give them the ability to create subtle facial expressions while reducing the development of lines and wrinkles. When he injected the areas of the lower face close to the jawline, he also saw a lifting to the cheeks and jowls ‒ the Dermalift Non-Surgical Face Lift was born.

I tried this new procedure with Dr Lam Bee Lan from Ageless Aesthetics. Basically it’s the same as any Botox treatment. They will clean your face, apply numbing cream and then the doctor starts the injections. It basically feels like a sharp sting each time your’re injected but any pain quickly goes away.

What makes this treatment amazing is that you really can see a change in just minutes! The doctor will do half your face first and show you the difference; it’s most easily seen in the eyebrows; there will be visible lift on the side of your face that’s been injected.

The effects continue to improve for another five to 10 days as some of the Dysport will also drift down gently into the deeper muscles to help relax them more and reduce your wrinkles. On top of that, the injections apparently also help stimulate collagen production so your skin looks more elastic too. The Dysport Dermalift is said to last for about four months with some variation depending on the individual (and as with most Botox treatments, the more you do the longer each one will last) and apparently side effects are quite rare.

Having had normal Botox injections before I was also surprised that my face didn’t feel “tight” or stiff after the Dysport Dermalift. And yes, you still have a full range of expression so you don’t get that “frozen” look that many people are worried about.

As for the overall result? A friend remarked that I was looking particularly fresh after I’d had insomnia for three days in a row ‒ I felt like I’d been run over by a truck but apparently my face made me look like I’d been sleeping like a baby!

The Dysport Dermalift Non-Surgical Face Lift costs from $700 onwards at Ageless Aesthetics with Dr Lam. Ageless Aesthetics is located at #02-18, Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Road. Tel: +65 6452 0368 or +65 9227 1933. For more information about Ageless Aesthetics, go to For more information about Dysport, go to